Updating my portfolio: November 2020

Month of joy and hope

That’s right, month of joy and hope. So it was November: a good month with 967 euros obtained from interest,but with two sides. The joy represented by Crowdestor and the hope that Housers would fulfill his commitments.

In short, both Housers   and   Crowdestor some outstanding   payments have been left along the way, although the former I have little confidence.

The commitment made according to the payment schedule proposed by Housers lasted one month, so we are returning to the usual pattern of delays in payments. 

Mintos continues to disappoint in its figures, as its profitability has been a few cents, since I have only invested 10%of my funds, since the remaining 90% is in the process of recovery. 

Peerberry   hascontributed the same 4th last month and   it still works well. They transfer confidence in their parent company Aventus Group in Poland, despite pandemic regulations.

Viainvest has contributed this month with 9€ who know me to glory. Its parent company VIA SMS Group has submitted its excellent consolidated reports for 2019, with a net profit of almost 400,000 euros.

Robo.cash   surprised me this month with 31€ profit and continues to offer its usual stability. Now that you have completed a project in Crowdestor and taking advantage of the additional 1% that you offer until December 10, I will reinvest the entire amount in them.   More information here.

Crowdestor’s had a irregular month. On the one hand, I have been returned to the entire Minst 19 project with 13.4% interest meeting the date. But, on the other hand, seven projects accumulate with delay,some more than three months: Kabuki at Salaris, Foresland and Fertilizer Export. In the first two, news was expected at the end of November that have not arrived.

In any case, it has contributed 162 euros that are very welcome and have continued to inform investors conveniently about the situation of each project. 

Lenndy has contributed 11 euros in November and I remain confident in his good work to maintain a very diversified portfolio   .

For its part, Bondster has helped me with another 11€ and I removed Rapicredit from my Autoinvest because I was accumulating many projects of this originator and I want to diversify. On the other hand, www.todocrowdlending.com appear in the TOP 3 of more profitable platforms. 

Bulkestate   has slowed the pace this month and has published only three projects, but it still offers enormous security and is corroborated by its stalwart investors.

At Swaper I am   very unhappy with their   severing of projects and I have only one euro invested that I will repay in mid-December along with the rest of the balance, when the last project is over.

Crowdestate has been personed to find out the details of Baltic Forest’s bankruptcy petition. In short, they are looking for a buyer urgently, but they convey a certain peace of mind by ensuring that they have the necessary guarantees. The 2,600 euros invested are already 8 months behind schedule and, according to their own forecasts, there are still 73 months to go. 

Grupeer   has published the legal actions it will take against originators who are not fulfilling their existing contracts, continues to manage the collections of 10 million euros through Recollecta and announce that they are still interested in continuing their company.

Finally, after several emails,   Wisefund has informed me that action is being taken to recover the unpaid amounts from the Dutch Flowers project through the company Cis Debt Recovery Solutions, but they do not know how long this will take and the amount to be recovered. It is possible to sue them, but this has not been confirmed to date. 

In relation to Housers, there is good news and bad news, since they have paid everything corresponding to the payment schedule of the Marismas de Odiel project, while in Torres de Paterna and Albufera III they paid only in October and already have missed their second month. Housers informed me that they will try to enforce the promoter’s payment of two months before Christmas, but their confidence is also minimal. 

They have also reactivated the paymentsof Pensamiento and Juan de la Encina, which since March and December were not paying interest despite being both rented. Below is the status of all the projects. 

The platform of those affected by Housers’ non-payment is very active and a few days ago dozens of documents were presented before the National Court accrediting Housers’ lack of contractual compliance.

Finally, about Kuetzal, Monethera and Envestio there have been some news that you can read at the end of this post. 

Here’s the table with the percentages and returns for each platform this month:

And here’s what’s new in the detail of each platform:

Mintos (extended version)

Although their results in my case are not satisfactory, they continue to have a loyal legion of followers who have full confidence in them, having reached 7.2 million euros in their self-crowdfunding campaign with more than 7,000 investors.

With regard to the outstanding payments, I am enclosing a screenshot of my current situation:

It seems that Finko Armenia, where I have the bulk of my investments in recovery, could pay back all the amounts until December 2022. For the time being, this last month they have returned 120,000 Euros out of the total of 17 million that are still pending, as you can see below:

It seems that Capital Service and Express Credit will be the hardest to charge. What I most reproach Mintos for is that, until the moment when the platforms I invested in failed, they had been rated between A- and B.

Mintos now has the new Mexican originator “Podemos Progresar”, which offers returns of up to 12%.

Of course, profitability continues to falland stands at a dismal 6.37%:

It remains the number one P2P platform, with EUR 86 million invested.

At the moment, I have stopped autoinvest since March 27th and continue to refund the amounts that continue to return me.

Peerberry (extended version)

One of the platforms with which I am most satisfied despite having a more contained profitability, without fallow or delays in returns.

They continue to approach Mintos with a volume of more than 20 million euros in October and venture that the Aventus Group will end the year with a net profit of 10 million euros.

They currently have 4.5 million customers and 1,100 employees and have started their fourth year of operation with record results.

Like Mintos, it is in the process of becoming an investment company, which will provide greater transparency and security. They plan to do so in spring 2021.

Great platform with minimal delays and all less than 15 days, as you can see in this current capture:

Viainvest (extended version)

November has not brought any major new developments to this platform, which continues to behave well, with hardly any delays, and investing the interest generated quickly.

Their plan is still to obtain a broker’s license in order to comply with the new European regulations.

With them I have diversified my portfolio into 48 short term loans, of which 2 are in arrears and with a rather restrictive self-investment that works perfectly. They are essential to achieve financial freedom and a current profitability of 11.81%.

With more than 4.5 million financed in October, it remains a very reliable platform that is willing to suffer some delays.

Robo.cash (extended version)

I love quiet platforms that don’t give problems and Robo.cash is one of them, with the novelty of the launch of their bonus campaignin which they offer an additional 1% to the amount invested which I will take advantage of now that a Crowdestor project has ended. Learn more here.

The analysts at Robo.cash have published a report in which they forecast a P2P investment volume of EUR 6.2 billion in 2021. You can read the full report in English here and in Spanish here.

In addition, its figures indicate that the same benefit was achieved in September as in 2019 in full.

Finally, the milestone of 2 million euros in interest paid since 2017 has been reached. They currently have almost 12,000 investors with a volume of 185 million invested.

Actualmente estoy al 12,92% de rentabilidad que podéis ver a continuación, con retrasos de 816€ sobre un total de 2.425€ invertidos, pero he de defender que su Buyback funciona como un reloj y 30 días más tarde abonan puntualmente los intereses:

And this is the monthly profitability chart. If you want more details, you can click on the “extended version” of each platform:

Crowdestor (extended version)

It hasn’t been a bad month in Crowdestor, although December will bring me closer to 380 euros of profitability if my forecasts are met.

For the time being,I can enjoy the present 162 Euros generated in November,due to the fact that I still maintain half of my portfolio with delays, although it seems that I only have to worry about Fertilizer Export, which seems to have stagnated.

In addition, this month has brought many new features: The campaign to develop a payment platform called Crowdestor Pay has been launched with a return of 26% and has improved the image and functionality of its secondary market launched in October, in which a commission has been imposed on the seller and, in some cases, also on the buyer.

You can also see the details of each project that were previously hidden. Here’s what it looks like:

And here you have a screenshot of my current situation, although we still have to subtract the project that was returned to me a few days ago and that modifies the total to 21,730 euros invested:

As of November 30, they have nine active projects, each more attractive. But I have to follow my plan to lower my exposure in Crowdestor and increase my portfolio in Robo.cash, Peerberry, Viainvest, etc.

They continue to launch around 5-7 projects per week and the rates of return have increased considerably.

Lenndy (extended version)

Lenndy has contributed 11€ in November and as usual they have been late with some payments, but I am not overly concerned because they always comply and pay interest on late payments after 60 days.

I still find it a safe and compliant platform, but I recommend investing only in short-term personal projects and vehicle acquisition on this platform, never in companies.

This is my situation as of November 30th:

The current 1,223 euros invested are widely spread over 57 projects, which yield an average of 12.75% per year.

Bulkestate (extended version)

This platform continues to function perfectly, although they have only published three projects in November, which they should remedy, because their loyal legion of followers, with their autoinvest, are taking over all the available offer.

Projects that exceed 23 months, appear with monthly interest payments and since Aprilit is not uncommon to see projects between 15-16%, although since October they do not exceed 14%.

In March I invested the remaining 300 euros in the Amalijas Street project, with an LTV of 49% and a return of 12% per year. It’s time to wait until March 2021 to receive the 36€ interest.

Wisefund – possible scam (extended version)

As of 30 November, interest for March, July, August, September and October remains unpaid, amounting to 118 euros, and has not been paid when the project expires on 13 October.

After several emails, I have been informed that action is being taken to recover the unpaid amounts from the Dutch Flowers project through the company Cis Debt Recovery Solutions, but they do not know how long it will take and the amount to be recovered.

Enough time has passed, so I hope you proceed as soon as possible to sue them. Although I no longer trust either the creditor company or Wisefund and at any moment they could disappear. I would love to know how the payments of the rest of the projects on this platform are going.

On 25 June they reported on the state of the project in which I have invested 1000€ named “Operating Cash for Dutch Flower Exporter” and despite the delay of three months due to the pandemic, they would meet the payment schedule. You can see they haven’t complied. Since July 31, they have not made updates to the project.

A class action lawsuit is being filedagainst the platform by all those potentially affected, so I will let you know if there are any developments.

Swaper (extended version)

With 7€ returns in July, 1€ in August and 2€ in September and October, with 28€ invested it is logical that November has not brought me any returns.

At the moment, this is my control panel and I am still very unhappy with its lack of projects and now I have only one euro invested which I will return in mid-December along with the rest of the balance when the last project is finished:

And it is a pity, because they have a good return (14.18%), but I do not predict a great future with such limited projects and insufficient current investors.

Bondster (extended version)

October has rented me another 11 euros. This translates into 16.51% in the 175 active projects, of which 35 suffer some delay, but it is not worrying, as it has a very efficient Buyback.

To further minimise the risks, I have withdrawn Rapicredit from my Autoinvest because I was accumulating many projects from this originator and want to diversify.

It should be noted that on the Spanish web www.todocrowdlending.com appear in the TOP 3 of most profitable platforms.

Here’s my updated dashboard:

Crowdestate (extended version)

In November they have launched 13 new projects, but I still don’t invest in them.

8 months ago they should have paid back the capital and interest of a project called “Short Term Working Capital Loan” at 12 months. Well, they made the decision to extend it to 94 months.

This project was requested by the company Baltic Forest and now Crowdestate has met with them to find out the details of the bankruptcy petitionimposed by the Court.

To summarize, they are looking for a company-wide buyer urgently. Crowdestate transmits a certain tranquillity, ensuring that they have the necessary guarantees. The problem is that, according to Crowdestate’s own initial forecasts, there are still 73 months to go.

Bad management on the part of the platform which, in my view, should have anticipated this situation.

Housers (extended version)

This month I received 738 euros in the interest of delayof the Marismas de Odiel project and benefit of Juan de la Encina y Pensamiento. Marismas de Odiel must make a one-off payment of capital plus interest in January 2023, according to the agreement reached. I’ve invested 10,000€ in them.

But with Housers it could not all be good news, as they have not fulfilled their payment commitment in this second month of the Torres de Paterna and Albufera III projects. Bad start. I’ve invested 70,000€ between the two of them.

Housers inform me that they will try to enforce the promoter’s payment of two months before Christmas, but their confidence is also minimal.

It seems that the change of administrator has given a boost to several projects, as shown by several updates received last month.

Vara del Rey: a rental offer with option to purchase is currently being negotiated and continues to be marketed through the real estate company “Como tu Casa”. The change of the company’s address and the cancellation of the powers of attorney of previous directors and proxies are pending, in addition to the approval of the company’s 2019 accounts, which should have been held at the November meeting.

The Raval II: pending the approval of accounts that should have been held at the Board in October. Without firm offers, it continues to be marketed through the same real estate company.

Sagasta: no tenants since December 2019, there have been several buyers interested but offering very low prices. It is marketed through the Javier Reynes Architecture Studio. In October, an offer of 180.000 euros was received, which turns out to be 9.000 euros below the purchase price of investors. Pending also the approval of accounts that should have been held at the Board in October.

Juan de la Encina: with tenants in both properties, is being marketed for sale through the real estate company “Como tu Casa”. Pending the approval of accounts of the project of the year 2019 that will be submitted to the Board during the month of November. At least we’ve collected something, which hasn’t happened since December.

I have not had any information from the Alvarez de Castro project since October 2018 and Iriarte since March 2020 announcing that it was no longer marketed because of Covid-19.

If you want to know more about all the Housers projects I’ve invested in, be sure to visit the Crowdlending tab or click here.

Given their bad practices and the desperation of many investors, an association has been created to confront them in Court, together with a specialized law firm: https://www.afectadoshousers.com/

This platform of affected persons is very active and a few days ago dozens of documents were presented before the Audiencia Nacional accrediting the lack of contractual compliance by Housers.

Needless to say, I haven’t recommended investing in this platform in years.

Grupeer – possible scam (extended version)

They have already added in their blog that they continue to take steps to recover their operations and their bank account, while the company Recollecta is responsible for managing the collection of 10 million owed.

At the beginning of November they launched a publication about the legal actions they are going to take against the originators who are not complying with their current contracts and say that they are still interested in giving continuity to their company in order to try to reposition it in the market.

The project in which I have invested 1113 euroswas completed in mid-May, but the originator is one of those denounced, so I doubt I will get any encouraging news from him until next January at the earliest.

Monethera – confirmed scam (extended version)

While waiting to know the status of the last bank accounts used by Monethera to know the whole financial network, the debtors will start to be sued in case no answer is found.

Envestio – confirmed scam (extended version)

Some small debtors are repaying the outstanding amounts and larger ones are also willing to do so, but there are some who still put up some resistance.

There are many other new developments this month, but they are kept secret and cannot be alerted to fraudsters. They will be published later.

Meanwhile, evidence continues to be provided against the people responsible for managing the platform.

Kuetzal – confirmed scam (extended version)

As with Envestio, for which Kuetzal shares some entities, managers and bogus companies, I cannot provide more details so as not to give away the work being done.

But, in both Kuetzal and Envestio, great progress is taking place.

I’ll keep you posted.


MINTOS: 0.5% of your investment from 500 euros during the first 30 days

PEERBERRY: 0.5% of your investment during the first 30 days

VIAINVEST: 15€ bonus with a minimum investment of 50€

CROWDESTOR: 1% of your investment during the first 90 days

ROBO.CASH: 1% of your investment during the first 30 days

BONDSTER: 1% of your investment during the first 90 days

LENNDY: 10€ bonus with a minimum investment of 100€

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