Edited on 26/02/2021 / Total invested: 735€.



  • Number one P2P platform, with more than €6.8 billion funded
  • Team of 200 workers
  • Audited by Ernst&Young
  • They have won multiple awards
  • Site in several languages
  • Licensed as a European investment firm


  • Over €90 million in recovery process (high risk of loss)
  • Many investors are leaving the platform
  • Poor monitoring of project originators
  • They charge 0.85% commission on the secondary market
  • Calificación crediticia de la web sin valor alguno. Check this website for more security


  • I do not recommend this platform, but if you invest, check here that the originators have more than 65 points
  • Buyback Guarantee does not apply
  • Some originators can extend their projects for several months without paying additional interest

MINTOS general features

Country of originLatvia
Year founded2015
GuaranteesBuyback, but does not apply to certain originators
Secondary marketYES, 0.85% commission to seller
min-max investmentFrom 10€. No upper limit
Return estimated6-21% p.a.
Investment periods1-80 months
Support rating8 / 10
Official supervisionYES, they have been licensed as a European Investment Firm under the supervision of the Latvian FCMC

MINTOS latest news

03/01/2022Data release 2021: 1.78 billion financed, 49 million in interest (it won’t be me) and 108,000 new investors.
21/09/2021Find out here all the details about the “Notes”
08/09/2021Presentation of the “Notes” in Mintos: key points
19/08/2021Mintos is licensed as a European investment firm
19/07/2021Mintos will become an investment platform authorised by the FCMC (Financial Capital Market Commission of Latvia) by the end of August
09/06/2021Mintos presents the categories of investors: retail, professional and eligible counterparties (investment funds, credit institutions, etc.).
28/05/2021Mintos originators publish their annual results. Read more here
21/05/2021Mintos reaches 400,000 registered users
19/05/2021Originators Swiss Capital and Acema stop working with Mintos
07/05/2021E-cash is suspended in Mintos. Outstanding debt of €407,000