Edited on 31/12/2020 / Total invested: €981


For a few months now, I follow this website to confirm the risk of Mintos originators. I am now phasing out my exposure in Mintos, but if I were to invest, I would only do so in those originators with a value greater than 65, which are becoming fewer and fewer.

In the right column you will see that the new evaluations of Mintos do not coincide with those made by the specialists on this website:

If you want to start investing in Crowdlending with some security, this is the platform we all start with, but I recommend you also consider Peerberry, Lenndy, Viainvest, Bondster and

If you click here, you will be refunded 0.5% of the average invested in 90 days. That is, if you have kept invested 1000 euros, you will be refunded 5 euros. It’s great these details offered by the platforms to attract customers! Few banks have this gesture, considering that you can invest from 10o.

Mintos is a platform created in 2015, located in Latvia and has already financed more than 5.8 billion euros (this figure is true, yes), more than 352,000 registered users, has won multiple awards and have a very consolidated and growing human team.

It is number one in terms of investment volumeand I have invested with them on several occasions, with many delays. Its page offers such an amount of information that studying it in detail is simply impossible, but it has an ease of use that makes it very understandable in the sections that as small investors interest us.

They have a very elaborate Spanish page with a multitude of filters that allow you to make a selection in detail.

This popular platform has the following features:

  • Mortgage loans, factoring, agricultural, personal, for the purchase of vehicles and commercials.
  • They offer to invest in a multitude of currencies: euros, dolores, sterling, Polish zlotis, rubles, etc.
  • They have countless loan originators from many European, African, Asian and American countries. Pay attention to risk ratings, although they are sometimes highly debatable.
  • The selection of loan filters is huge, with all sorts of details one may require, including an interesting credit rating provided by Mintos.
  • The average percentage of profitability offered by its website is 12.20%, although I have never achieved it. It is also true that with this platform I choose projects in the very short term…
  • It generates monthly interest and allows investments from 10o.
  • Periods between 1 and 180 months.
  • They present the main information of each project, but it would be impossible to provide more additional information with the huge number of projects they publish.
  • It allows us to sell our shares in advance of the end of the agreed period in its VERY interesting secondary market. It is risky, but with some knowledge you can get discounts of almost 50% on delayed loans.
  • They had until August 2020 the option called “Invest & Access” that has been replaced by three different strategies that I do not recommend to anyone because they invest in what no one wants to invest, basically.
  • In addition, its self-research allows the diversification desired according to the criteria provided by each investor.