About me and my goal

I am Santiago Arredondo, hotel manager for 21 years, married and living in Madrid. Passionate about investments, I have been investing in various financial products for thirteen years.

I started with the simple deposits when in the midst of the crisis they offered returns of 4%.

Since 2013 I started taking on greater risks through investments in New Zealand banks that wouldn’t let me sleep because of the stress of “what will happen to my money.” And all to get percentages of 5%. I had a hard time!! I will not repeat it.

A year later I discovered real estate crowdfunding, with promised returns of 5-11%, which later remained at 1-2% (e.g. Housers and its never achieved returns).

In 2015 I began to study the evolution of the few crowdlending platforms that existed, but all my savings were heading towards Housers, albeit without losing sight of other alternatives.

Finally, in 2018, after many disagreements with Housers and knowing that there were more profitable platforms that met their payment schedules, I started investing in crowdlending. On these platforms I have achieved an average net return of 10.70% during 2018 and it has continued to rise throughout 2019.

BUT, 2020 started in the worst possible way: Kuetzal disappeared with our money, where I had €19,155 and Envestio, where I had €16,145. These losses amount to €35,300. Monethera was then added, where it had €6,253. All of them have been reported and it looks like we will recover a large part of the money.

They accounted for 16% of the total invested, which represents irreparable damage, but I can only continue to find ways to achieve the longed-for financial freedom, even if I now have to delay it for a few years…

Monthly progression of my goal

My goal is to achieve financial freedom by allowing my money to work for me, for which I have set myself a monthly income target that should amount to 2,500 gross, only from the investments made, regardless of labour income.

Income from European Crowdlending remains above €300 per month and the figure that determines that the month amounts to over €1,000 comes from Housers.

Todos los que habéis leído mi página sabéis que Housers va a su aire y tan pronto paga intereses de demora de varios proyectos al mismo tiempo con siete meses de retraso o deja de pagar durante otros tantos… Objective number one: close projects with Housers as soon as possible.

Of course, if you have any questions or comments, you can contact me whenever you want via this email: info@libertad-financiera.eu

WARNING: The information posted on the blog is about my personal experience. I do not intend to advise in any way and I would not feel able to do it, because you have already read that I have lost money investing, although I have also won. BUT, there are platforms that I dare to recommend because of their history and their line of work, while others I warn not to invest in at all.