Great summer and an exceptional September

There are no better words to describe it: it has been a great summer and the month of September deserves no other description: exceptional.

This adjective is justified after earning €1,100 in September and a total of €3,453 in the last four months:

Aren’t these reasons to be satisfied? The main reasons are that Peerberry and Robocash have exceeded expectations and that Housers has repaid the Albufera project and also the Torres de Paterna project after a delay of three months. 

In August I received €3,300  which have been reinvested in various portfolios and Crowdfunding continues to give me a lot of joy. 

In July I invested €300 in Estateguru to diversify my real estate portfolio and I expect the first returns in October.

I have also invested €600 in Kirsan Invest, a very successful real estate company in Moldova that has recently arrived in Spain and will yield just over €5/month.

I will add more information on both platforms in October. For the time being, they are reflected in the portfolio: 

And now, on to the month’s news, with big news from some of the platforms:

The BEST and recommended platforms with welcome BONUS

Peerberry (+info)

This month I broke the monthly return record with €128, which you can see in detail in Crowdlending > European Crowdlending > Peerberry:

There are many new developments at Peerberry. On the verge of obtaining a crowdfunding licence in Lithuania, Peerberry is moving its operations to Croatia as of 1 October.

Nothing has changed in terms of investors, but Peerberry’s corporate structure has changed and its share capital has increased to €125K.

The “bad” news is that due to the success of the platform, the profitability of some originators is being adjusted downwards:

They are continuing with their plans to launch a secondary market and also to obtain the EMI (Electronic Money Institution) licence to become a payment provider.

It remains the second largest platform by volume financed, with more than €53 million, behind Mintos with €160 million.

It is so clear to me that they are in my TOP5, that in September I added another 900€ in Peerberry.

Here they add 0.5% of your investment if it exceeds 500 euros during the first 30 days:

Viainvest (+info)

Viainvest’s contribution of €11 is welcome in September, a month that brings many new features.

They have just obtained their IBF Licence and will be supervised by the Latvian Financial Commission (FCMC), which provides security for investors.

The best thing is that 90% of the ultimate loss is covered for a maximum of €20K, among other terms.

Now more than ever, I will expand my portfolio with them given the additional security this news brings.

On the other hand, I already announced last month that they have set an 11% interest rate on all their projects. We had to give up something.

In this banner you get €15 just for investing more than €50. What are you waiting for? With only 50€!

Robocash (+info)

I was already happy with last month’s €70 and then September comes along and gives me €95!

Every day I am happier to invest in Robocash, this month I have added €1,800 which brings me closer to the Silver category (+€10K) which brings an additional +0.5% return.

They have published their FBK Grant Thornton audited results for the first half of the year, which you can see in detail here in Spanish and here in English.

In summary, they have exceeded last year’s funded loans by 134%, making a net profit of €13.3m.

They also reached two milestones: €300M in funded loans and over 19K active investors.

In this banner they add 1% of your investment if it exceeds 500€ during the first month:

Lendermarket (+info)

This month it has returned €5 with only €420 invested and maintains its return above 14%.

Grant Thornton has also audited its accounts from June 2019 to December 2020 with a notable increase between the two years.

Credistar Group, parent company of Lendermarket, has been licensed as a credit provider under the supervision of the FSA in Denmark.

If you want to benefit from their 1% welcome promotion, click on this banner:

Bondster (+info)

Bondster has yielded only €3 in September, but 16 projects end shortly and I expect to reach €5 again in October.

I still want to increase my portfolio to €1,000 before the end of the year.

Acema has started to publish real estate projects with yields between 10-11%. I think this is a low return for second-lien mortgages.

Acema also allows you to invest in projects secured with Bitcoins. Here you have the news.

The average arrears rate is less than 0.1% in Bondster, but Acema is the originator with the highest arrears:

In my opinion, it is better to invest from 15%, less than 5 months and with Buyback in Rapicredit, LimeZaim, Quickcheck and LimeSouthAfrica.

They have reached 13,400 investors and more than €3.2 million in interest.

Get an additional 1% from €100 of investment for the first 90 days:

Nibble (+info)

This month they have contributed €5 with only €300 of initial investment for a total of €29 in interest since April.

It is the only one, together with Esketit and Lendermarket, that exceeds 14% profitability and it seems that they will soon publish some new products.

Nibble has applied for a supervisory licence from the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority (FSA).

It is also in the process of obtaining AML (Anti-Money Laundering) certification for the prevention of money laundering.

Take advantage of their classic strategy, which offers 9.7% with Buyback, with NO risk and a minimum investment of €10:

Esketit (+info)

Delighted with Esketit, he has contributed €4 in September and has already contributed €26 since May, which is not bad at all.

I have already had the opportunity to test their Buyback which works without delays and an autoinvest which works autonomously.

In August I wrote a detailed article about this platform, which you can read here.

It is a new but reliable platform, created by the founders of Creamfinance, with 8 successful years in the market.

If you invest on this great platform, here is an additional 1% bonus for amounts over €100 for the first 30 days:

Platforms with some shadows that I do not recommend investing in

Crowdestor (+info)

Despite the fact that Crowdestor has contributed €122 this month, which is not an insignificant amount, I still have no confidence in this platform.

Only two of the twelve projects are up to date, but their repayment date of March-April 2021 is still a long way off.

The M119 project should have been returned this month, but it is five months behind schedule and the others are four to thirteen months in arrears.

Special mention should be made of the recovery projects: Kabuki Restaurant at Salaris, Consumer Loan Portfolio Acquisition and Fertilizer Export Financing.

Of the first two, we have not received any information for six (6) months and of the last one we know that it is in the hands of the Courts.

This lack of information is UNACCEPTABLE on the part of the person in charge of Crowdestor, to whom I ask a question:

Jannis Timma (I add your LinkedIn link here), we are 25,000 investors with more than €36M unpaid. How much does it cost for an administrative assistant to bring the backlog of 151 projects up to date?

Here you can see the status of the projects as of today. In summary, 19 million repaid and 36.3 million in arrears:

You can understand that I do not recommend investing in this platform and that its future is very much in doubt.

Iuvo (+info)

This month it has returned €2 and I have decided to reintegrate my entire portfolio from this platform, slowly but surely.

It has been a test that I started in December and has not achieved the expected result.

This is not to say that it is not advisable for many investors, but it is not for me.

Kviku offers returns of over 19% in roubles, but they pass on 4.5% at each currency exchange, so 10% and no Buyback loses all interest.

In addition, they have not provided audited accounts for 2020 and have 3 million euros in the process of recovery.

Mintos (+info)

It is already licensed as a European investment firm regulated by the Latvian FCMC (Financial and Capital Market Commission).

Like Viainvest, investments are covered for a maximum of €20,000, which is why I have promoted Mintos to platforms with doubts.

I have to see how it evolves over the next few months to see if it gives me confidence again, because I still have €760 to recover.

This month I have reduced this amount by €13 and there are many months left to recover an estimated 70%. I’ll write off about €300.

Mintos remains the leading P2P platform in Europe, with €7 billion funded and 430,000 registered users.

Avoid these platforms

Housers (+info)

It is hard to believe that Housers has fulfilled some of its commitments: Albufera and Torres de Paterna, both from the denounced developer Construbecker.

It has, however, failed to meet its commitments on six other projects, which is the norm.

There is so much information this month that it is going to be too long, but here is the summary:

  • Convening of meetings on the change of model for the exclusive benefit of the administrator. For instance, Iriarte. The administrator convenes a meeting to change from the “investment” model to the “savings” model. This way he can rent the flat and collect his €350 a month, while he does not make any profit on the sale. Incidentally, Iriarte has already been rented and we investors have not seen a euro. Can anyone imagine where the money is?
  • Notice of meetings on the takeover of a debt collection company (Multigestión Iberia). Some of those affected trusted them and, after a year, have still not received a single euro. Google them and you will see the comments:

NOTE: When the necessary quorum is not reached (thank goodness), Housers launches another meeting to award the recovery project to Multigestión Iberia despite the punctual fulfilment of the schedule without a single delay. And when I ask Housers they reply that it is “just in case they stop paying”.

  • Calling meetings to vote on a new timetable when the current one is in force and payments are being made by the developer. Example: Albufera.

In other business, the first extraordinary meeting called by the investors in the Mesón de Paredes project was held on 30 September. They have won by a majority and got rid of the administrator Atrium Lex, which translates into a saving of €2,520 per year. The project will now be managed by a Board of Administration made up of stakeholders who will manage the asset at no cost and intend to sell or lease it at market price.

On the other hand, the Tax Agency has revoked Atrium Lex’s Tax Identification Number for measures to prevent tax fraud.

Courtesy of the Association of People Affected by Housers, here is a list of dozens of failed projects:

Bulkestate (+info)

In September they have launched 6 new projects and still no news of interest.

My project will be returned a year late (I hope), at which point I will leave this platform because they have lost my trust. And the information they provide is not correct either:

At least some pictures of the project have been published, although it is far behind schedule and far from completion in March 2022.

Lenndy (+info)

I am very disappointed with Lenndy. They have not refunded the 783€ of outstanding capital for two months.

And they will still be able to take offence at the fact that a complaint has been lodged against them.

They have missed their payment schedule, but I must be patient, as there are two and a half years left until I am rid of them.

Crowdestate (+info)

On 30 September we received a new communication from Baltic Forest’s insolvency administrator.

It states that the appraisal of the project has been completed and that the first auction will take place in October or November.

It expects to sell the property this year, but due to certain disputes, the return to investors will not be made until they are resolved.

Hopefully as soon as possible, because in addition to the €2,600 of capital invested, there is €380 in accrued interest pending payment.

In June the EFSA (Estonian Finance Authority) granted them the certificate of regulated payment institution, but they continue to accumulate failed projects.

In September they have been very active, launching 11 projects and successfully returning 17.

But let’s not forget that they have more than 4 million outstanding on 20 overdue projects and more than 3 million on 5 unpaid projects.

Some joy in a satisfying August

Yes, this could be the summary: a few joys in a satisfying month of August.

And I can feel satisfied even though I only got €705.

The reason is that a Crowdestor project has been repaid in full and Housers has repaid the Albufera project, among others.

On another note, I have received a financial contribution that will be reflected next month on various platforms. Whenever I can increase my crowdlending portfolio, I don’t miss the opportunity.

And I am patenting an idea that will hopefully be well received and bring me a lot of satisfaction.

Finally, I have started investing in Estateguru, but I will not update the information until September.

I can be happy with the results of the last three months, totalling €2.353:

And now, let’s get to the month’s news, with big news from some of the platforms:

The BEST and recommended platforms with welcome BONUS

Peerberry (+info)

On the verge of getting the crowdfunding licence in Lithuania, Peerberry keeps growing and giving me good news.

This month they have contributed €42 and are keeping the arrears at bay, as you can see here:

Peerberry Situation
Only 0.87% overdue more than 31 days

We have heard that they intend to launch a secondary market and that they also want to obtain the EMI (Electronic Money Institution) licence to become a payment provider.

This month they have also activated push notifications on their mobile app, with new deposits, withdrawals, uninvested amounts and others.

It remains the second largest platform by volume financed, with more than €48 million, behind Mintos with €150 million.

And finally, I reflect here the news that the Aventus Group, of which Peerberry is part, earned €13.15 million in the first half of 2021.

My goal at Peerberry is to reach Silver status (€10K) which offers an additional +0.5% and which I hope to achieve before December 😉

Here they add 0.5% of your investment if it exceeds 500 euros during the first 30 days:

Viainvest (+info)

Another €25 has been brought to me by Viainvest in August and I have taken profit from the additional €350 I added in June.

They have let us know that they have set an 11% interest rate on all their projects from 1 September.

They are also about to obtain their broker’s licence (IBF) and I will continue to grow my portfolio with them to €3,000 by the end of the year.

In this banner you get €15 just for investing more than €50. What are you waiting for? With only 50€!

Robocash (+info)

70€ earned on Robocash! New this month was the interview I conducted with Dmitry Balakhnin, director of strategic communication.

In it, he unveiled some new features, which you can see here.

This month Robocash has already entered the TOP 10 platforms by funding with a total of €12 million.

We are already 18,000 active investors on the platform and almost 700 new ones joined in July. I am not surprised!

In September I will increase my portfolio by €1,000, bringing me closer to Silver status, which brings an additional 0.5% with €10K invested.

In this banner they add 1% of your investment if it exceeds 500€ during the first month:

Lendermarket (+info)

This month it has returned €4 with only €415 invested and maintains its return above 14%.

August brings some news: Credistar Group, parent company of Lendermarket, has applied for the specialised banking licence.

In addition, it has placed more than €23 million in bonds, coinciding with its 15th birthday.

And in the second quarter, net profit exceeded €2 million.

It is a company to keep an eye on and is ranked 12th in terms of turnover with €11 million.

If you want to benefit from their 1% welcome promotion, click on this banner:

Bondster (+info)

Bondster returned €5 in August, I am satisfied and am looking forward to increasing my portfolio to €1,000 before the end of the year.

NordCard has increased its profitability by 1% and Lime South Africa has finished paying last year’s outstanding amount.

As far as we have been able to ascertain, the average number of projects in arrears is less than 0.1% in Bondster:

They have reached 13,000 investors and more than €3.1 million in interest.

Get an additional 1% from €100 of investment for the first 90 days:

Nibble (+info)

I continue to be delighted with this easy-to-use platform which brought me a record €13 in August and about which I wrote a detailed article last month.

In total it has generated €22.82 since mid-April and is the platform with the highest return of 14.5% per annum.

This month I have been invited to take part in an internal survey that promises great things to come.

Nibble is currently in the process of obtaining the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) certificate.

They have also applied for a supervisory licence from the FSA (Financial Supervision Authority) of Estonia.

Remember that their classic strategy offers 9.7% with Buyback, with NO risk and a minimum investment of €10:

Esketit (+info)

It has contributed €3.80 in August and is already bringing me my first joys.

Its Buyback works without delays, it is easy to use and its autoinvest works autonomously so you don’t have to worry about it.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a detailed article about this platform, which you can read here.

It is a new platform, but created by the founders of Creamfinance, with 8 successful years in the market.

Here you get an additional 1% bonus on every investment over €100 you make during the first 30 days:

Platforms with some shadows, not recommended for investment

Crowdestor (+info)

Although this month Crowdestor has only given me 21€, I am satisfied because they have returned the Forestland Investments project in full.

As of today I have a backlog of 11 projects out of 12, of which I have 5 for sale on the secondary market.

It is a pity that the E. Fon Trompowsky Quarter project, which was up to date until August, has not been paid this month:

The payment schedule now has this new design, but the tricky thing is that non-payments are still accumulating.

The M119 project should be completed in September, but I am afraid they will not pay on time because they are already 4 months behind schedule.

They have also embraced Auto Invest, which is now available on the secondary market. I do not recommend using it on Crowdestor.

Here you can see the status of the projects in July and below as of today to draw your own conclusions:

JULY: 438 projects funded; 127 repaid; 113 current; 165 in arrears; 33 in demand
AUGUST: 449 projects funded; 141 repaid; 109 current; 157 in arrears; 42 in demand

Until they reduce their high default risk, I do not recommend investing in this platform.

Iuvo (+info)

This month it has only returned €2 and I still have serious doubts about this platform.

Investments in roubles have not been a great incentive either and, although returns have increased, I see little difference.

In short, I will wait another month to see how it evolves. It is still a platform that I have been testing since December.

The good news is that Easy Credit and Viva Credit are lowering their Buyback from 60 to 30 days, but at a yield between 5-6%, far from my expectations.

In any case, I do not recommend investing in it today.

Don’t even think of investing in these platforms

Housers (+info)

This month Housers has fulfilled some commitments: Albufera III, Juan de la Encina and Pensamiento.

BUT, it has again defaulted on six other projects, one of which has not delivered a single cent since it was funded in March 2018.

One is particularly serious because the developer Construbecker was given a second chance to fulfil its non-payments, so we will have to wait until the complaints made against it are successful.

vara del rey

Several investors affected by the Vara del Rey project have joined forces to recover the administration of the company, but neither Housers nor the administrator seem willing to call an extraordinary meeting.

And the most curious thing is that on their website this project appears “without incident”, although it should have been returned in April 2020.

And since we are delighted with its management, we want to manage it ourselves as investors, despite the additional costs involved.

Many of the 123 “uneventful” projects should have been returned years ago, but they are not considered “overdue”:

Some “uneventful” examples that I personally suffer from:

  • El Raval II (expired in February 2020)
  • Sagasta (expired in January 2019!!!)
  • Pensamiento (expired in January 2020)
  • Juan de la Encina (expired in June 2019)

And to complete the current situation, I leave you with this latest example of their inability to pay back their funded projects:

114 projects closed out of 327 highlight Housers’ management

Bulkestate (+info)

They have not launched any projects in August and seem to have taken the opportunity to rest, as there has been no news from them either.

My project will be returned a year late and, since they have no secondary market, I can only wait.

At least they have published some photos of the evolution of the project, although I see it very late and I don’t know if they will finish it in March 2022.

Mintos (+info)

I have been refunded €32 this month and there is now €773 still to be recovered, mostly from Finko AM.

The good news is that Mintos has been licensed as a regulated European investment firm by the Latvian FCMC (Financial and Capital Market Commission).

In addition, it has new Russian originators Pay P.S. and Capem; Conmigo Vales, GoCredit and Alivio Capital, all from Mexico, as well as Jet Finance and LF Tech, both from Kazakhstan and Watu Credit, now also in Uganda.

Mintos remains the leading P2P platform in Europe, with €150 million funded last month.

I continue to withdraw my portfolio, as the investment in one of the TOP originators at the time left more than €1,000 in the process of recovery, of which I will recover a maximum of 70%, as announced.

Lenndy (+info)

This month they have not made any repayment of the 783€ of outstanding capital and it has taken them three weeks to transfer 4€ from last month.

I must be patient, as the outstanding amount will not be refunded before March 2024.

In May I put my two assets up for sale at a 21% discount, but no one has yet been interested. I am not surprised either.

Crowdestate (+info)

This month there has been no news from Baltic Forest’s insolvency administrator and €350 of accumulated interest remains to be paid.

Something has to change at Crowdestate since the EFSA (Estonian Financial Authority) granted them the certificate of regulated payment institution in June.

In August they have been very active, launching 11 projects and successfully returning 3.

But let’s not forget that they have more than 10 million outstanding on 21 overdue projects and more than 3 million on 5 unpaid projects.

Esketit, new platform with high profitability and security

It is not yet in its first year and I am already clapping my hands because I have invested in Esketit, a new platform with high profitability and double security.

It has made a strong entry into the market, having funded over €5.3 million and over 500 active investors.

I started investing in them on 14 May after studying them for several months and I am still delighted with my decision.

It is a P2P investment platform that offers loans from individuals in exchange for a return of 12-15% per annum.

Here is a screenshot of my control panel as of 19 August:

You can see that in three months I have earned €9.35 in interest, hardly suffer any delays and maintain an annual return of 14.33%.

In July they have contributed €3.63 and as of 19 August I have accumulated €3.02, so I will end the month above €4 with only €300 invested initially.

You can see the details and my Esketit statistics here, but here is a summary:

ESKETIT General Features

Country of originRegistered in Ireland, operates from Latvia
Year founded2020
GuaranteesDouble: the founders invest in each originator and the originators invest in each project. In addition, most of the projects have Buyback
Secondary marketYES
min-max investmentFrom 10€. No upper limit
Return estimated12-15% p.a.
Investment periods1 day-12 months
Support rating10 / 10
Official supervisionEach originator is licensed in its country of origin

Who is behind Esketit?

Matiss Ansviesulis and Davis Barons founded Creamfinance in 2012 and last year launched the Esketit platform.

Esketit works with 5 loan originators, all owned by Matiss and Davis or Creamfinance in Spain, Jordan, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Sri Lanka and Mexico.

Legal aspects and safety

Esketit is registered in Ireland, while operations are carried out from its headquarters in Riga, Latvia. This is common practice.

In relation to the security they offer, it is striking that being so new, it is one of the most reliable platforms.

  • Firstly, all short-term projects have Buyback, which means that the originator is obliged to repay the initial capital plus unpaid interest 60 days after completion.

I have had the opportunity to try it out and I can assure you that after 60 days I have been fully reimbursed for the project, plus the interest accrued during the delay.

Business projects do not offer Buyback, so it is preferable to invest in short-term projects, as they offer the same return.

  • Secondly, the owners hold a stake in all loan originators, so that Esketit invests a share in each project.

In the finance industry this practice is referred to as “skin in the game”.

And as a final safety measure, they have a secondary market, so that any project can be sold in advance of completion.

Moreover, in the event that nobody is interested in it and the sale is urgent, Esketit acquires it with a 1% discount.

Using the platform

It is an ideal platform for inexperienced investors because it is very intuitive and easy to use.

In addition, we can make use of autoinvest, which works autonomously so that we can forget about it.

Let me give you a real example on this platform: after finishing a project, I receive €20 of the initial capital and 14 cents of interest. On the same day they reinvest the €20.14 in a new project following the guidelines set out in the autoinvest.

Esketit Customer Service

In case of any questions or problems with the Esketit account, we can communicate in English with the customer service team, but if I can help you, I am always ready to:

Esketit’s business hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00, GMT +2.

I hope you will take the opportunity to invest in Esketit with a welcome gift of €10 if you invest a minimum of €100 during the first 30 days after registration:

Interview with D. Balakhnin, Strategic Communications Director of

I have long wanted to know details about that I didn’t see in its portfolio, and I finally managed to interview Dmitry Balakhnin, Director of Strategic Communications.

Who better than him to give me those details that few others know? I have been investing with them for three years now and wanted to know what is like from the inside.

I would like to thank Dmitry Balakhnin and Anastasia Palamarchuk for providing me with this interview.

And now for a brief summary of my experience with

Since September 2018 I have invested in 2161 loans, of which 1932 have closed as planned, 229 are currently active and ZERO (0) loans have been delayed.

In March 2021 I reached €5,000 invested, which gives me bronze status (+0.3% additional) and I aim to reach silver status (€10,000 and +0.5% additional) before the end of 2021.

As of today, I have almost €6,400 invested and we are already more than 18,000 investors who place our absolute trust in and its bright future.

If you need more details, statistics and news, be sure to visit the private page 😉

The most professional interview

1.- Welcome to Financial-Freedom, Dmitry. Nice to meet you and to have a word with you about, where you have been working since 2014. Here we go: given the rapid evolution of Robocash, the increase in investors and the amounts invested, how do you plan to avoid a possible lack of available projects?

Robocash group companies, which place loans on the platform, are developing at a rapid pace. I’d like to note that (placing loans via RC Riga Kazakhstan) is growing particularly fast. This means there will be a demand for investment, including funding through

Besides, the group has an expansion strategy and needs substantial investment for its development. Giving that, the platform is ready to offer investors commercial loans at a favorable price, focusing its efforts on the group’s scaling.

2.- Can investors expect a further readjustment of interest rates in relation to the project period?

We have no current plans to change our interest rate, but we are constantly monitoring not only the market and the situation, but also the P2P lending market as a whole comparing the terms with other investment alternatives as well. We strive to provide the best value for money for our investors, so our interest rates will be in line with the risk ratio and profitability we offer.

3.- Robocash is ranked 12th by volume of funding in the EU. What actions do you plan to take to reach the TOP 10? When do you think you will reach this milestone?

I think we will reach TOP 10 this year because our main priority is the security of investors’ funds while maximizing profits and further reducing risk.

Moreover, we are now ready to satisfy higher appetite of investors because the group is developing rapidly in the most promising and fast-growing markets in Asia.

Our actions? I can admit that at present we are taking a balanced approach in providing new features, as investors value reliability highly.

What we definitely intend to do is to maintain the trustworthiness we built showing our clients that we are the company they can trust. We will be as transparent as possible and respond to the needs of our customers by improving our service.

4.- What news does Robocash have in store for this year of transition and the next year of take-off? is glad to see the P2P lending market is gaining momentum. The investment platform has long-term goals, so we plan to build strong relationships with investors, doing our best to provide them with high-quality service.

Another important point is that the platform will strive to make the P2P investment market one of the most attractive investment assets. P2P lending is a more persistent investment tool compared to the stock market.

At the same time, it is proving to be a profitable asset on the investment market with an average interest rate of about 10-11%, which is a decent rate for Europe.

The most personal interview

5.- Perfect. Let’s move on to a more informal interview, Dmitry. What do employees value most about working at Robocash?

First and foremost, employees are valued by the owner and top managers of the company. An each team member has the opportunity to unlock their potential and apply their knowledge and skills. Management provides all resources for training and development of our employees, which creates an environment where everyone sincerely wants to improve the functionality and performance of the platform. Each employee is supported by the strong team and has the freedom to propose and implement meaningful approaches.

6.- What phrase or quote reflects your philosophy of life?

“Do not put all your eggs in one basket”. This rule applies to investment as well as to life. My credo is to be versatile. One should not rely on just one thing in life. Career, family, hobbies and leisure time enable us to live our lives meaningfully, harmoniously,and thus, full of joy.

7.- Tell me a lesson that life has taught you.

Whatever experience happens in your life, it is definitely useful. I guess you remember the world financial crisis of 2008. It forced the company where I had been working for 4 years as PR manager to lay off employees. I lost my job where I had planned to make a career. I had to find a new one in an unfamiliar field to me: marketing. I was upset because I had to give up PR and master marketing.

However, later I realized what priceless experience I had gained and since then I have been mixing different approaches in my work and trying to use versatile working methods.

8.- And a lesson that working at Robocash has taught you?

I got a very good lesson while working for Robocash Group. It is: “ Don’t be afraid of challenges and do whatever you think is worthwhile regardless of the difficulties, because everything is in your hands”. I’ve been working for the company almost since the beginning when it was a Russian startup. I can’t count how many challenges were overcome during this extensive journey. We were unknown in Russia and nobody welcomed our initiatives, but we were brave enough to research and pitch our ideas in the media and at conferences.

I remember when we entered the Kazakhstan market, we did not know what challenges awaited us, but we found common ground with the local media market and public officials. As a result, we were published in the local Forbes and other respected media.

Then Spain, Europe (the investment platform) and the new course of development in a very promising Asian market with rapid pace of internet penetration and lack of access to traditional banking service.

I had never talked and negotiated with foreign partners before and I did not understand what I had to do to attract their attention. A genuine aspiration to do something useful and meaningful for customers has worked and made it possible to be where we are now.

9.- Which people, one historical and one current, would you like to have a conversation with?

Actually, I don’t think I have any particular historical or a famous person I am keen to have a chat with. I find it inspiring to talk to all smart people who are professionals in a particular field or who have achieved decent results in business or other aspects of life. I can find out a lot of new and priceless information by talking to ordinary people on a daily basis. This can be very insightful, and perhaps even more valuable than talking to a historical person.

10.- Have you invested in cryptos? Do you see a future for them? Do you have any recommendations of cryptocurrencies to avoid and others with a foreseeable future? Has Robocash considered launching its own altcoin?

I haven’t invested in cryptos. I’m not a huge expert at this type of asset, but I think the huge waves and significant fluctuations in the market are a temporary situation. It’s good for the investors who want to hit the jackpot there (and know how), but it can be risky for those who want to make long-term and relatively consistent investments.

I think that the cryptocurrency market will find its price, which will be balanced and reasonable compared to other investment tools. is not considering launching its own altcoin.

11.- And the last question: If you had €100,000 to invest, in which financial products would you invest it and in what percentage each of them? (not valid in Robocash) 😉

Actually, I already have such investment plans. I am considering putting about 30% of the funds in the P2P lending market, 50% in the stocks and 20% in the Russian bond market, one of the Group’s entities Zaymer issues its bonds on the MOEX. As for the stock market, I am waiting for the time when the holding company Robocash Group holds the IPO and issues its shares.

I will definitely buy shares of Robocash Group because I know the company from the inside, its financial strength and effective management. I believe fintech will be the most profitable investment in the stock market.

12.- I would like to add one more question, given that a major financial collapse seems to be looming and prominent investors (Michael Burry, Jeremy Grantham,…) warn that the biggest bubble in history is brewing. What is’s opinion on this and what consequences could it have for the sector and the company?

It is likely that an emerging crisis will affect those investment fields where prices are set too high or too low, or where we see overheated demand, such as in the stock market. I agree that the potential collapse would probably impact many other niches, including the P2P lending market.

However I don’t think there will be any sudden crisis. If the macroeconomic situation gets worse, the quality of borrowers may decrease or new development strategies may be considered. But the collapse will only strengthen the reliability of such investment tools over time.

Once again, thank you very much for spending your time with us, Dmitry!


In fact, I obtained €804, which is not enough, because I was expecting a much better month of July. All the more so because I had high hopes for various Housers and Crowdestor projects.

Housers has failed in 7 of the 9 projects invested, while Crowdestor has met half of the expected payouts.

Nevertheless, the €804 of the total €141,934 invested are welcome:

And this is the graph of the profitability obtained since I started the blog in May 2019:

And now, let’s get to the month’s news, with big news from some of the platforms:

The BEST and recommended platforms with welcome BONUS

Peerberry (+info)

This month I have increased my portfolio by €300 and they are still a safe bet. They have contributed €36 with less than €3,000 invested. Does any bank offer this?

But the most important thing is the security it offers. And here is the proof, with less than 5% more than 16 days overdue:

Sólo un 0,63% retrasado más de 31 días;
Only 0.63% delayed more than 31 days

This month has been exceptional for Peerberry: its partner Credit Plus KZ earned more than €300K net after auditing 2020, Peerberry netted €142K, Senmo VN continues to perform well, SIB Group paid out €16,000 in interest after completion of the K32 real estate project, and they have achieved a €142K net profit. new record with €43M funded.

My goal at Peerberry is to reach Silver status (€10K) which offers an additional +0.5% and which I hope to achieve before December 😉

Here they add 0.5% of your investment if it exceeds 500 euros during the first 30 days:

Viainvest (+info)

Another €9 from Viainvest in July, and the additional €350 I added in June is already being felt.

Viainvest has exceeded 24,000 investors and €250M financed

For the time being, I continue to diversify on this platform by loan type, country of origin and amount. Here is a sample:

My medium-term goal for Viainvest is to increase my portfolio to around €3,000 with regular quarterly contributions.

In this banner you get €15 just for investing more than €50. What are you waiting for? With only 50€!

Robocash (+info)

How good it feels to win €69 on Robocash! This month has brought a few new developments, among which the TOP 10 among European platforms has been approaching.

It is one of the only ones that also operates in non-EU countries such as Singapore, the Philippines and Vietnam, among others.

In July I have increased my portfolio by €300 and my confidence in them is absolute.

Having invested over €5,000 I reached the Bronze category (+0.3% additional) and now, as in Peerberry, I am going for €10K (Silver category, which contributes +0.5%).

And I have some great news: the interview I conducted with Dmitry Balakhnin, Director of Communications at Robocash, will be published in August. I’m sure you’ll like it!

In this banner they add 1% of your investment if it exceeds 500€ during the first month:

Lendermarket (+info)

This month it has returned €5 with only €411 invested and maintains its return above 14%.

In July, they have exceeded €130 million in funding and 3,000 active investors.

And given its excellent figures, chairman and founder Aaro Sosaar has brought on board Endrik Eller as CEO and Omayra Roig as Head of Operations.

If you want to benefit from their 1% welcome promotion, click on this banner:

Bondster (+info)

Bondster has responded in July with €3, which is not enough for me, but it is true that a third of my portfolio is in arrears which will be paid in August because they pay them back promptly after 60 days of delay.

Pavel Klema replaced Jana Mückova as CEO in March and has done a great job since then.

The most significant of these has been the launch of the secondary market on 1 July, which makes investment even more attractive.

But he has also surrounded himself with a great team, the latest being the recruitment of a new marketing and sales manager: Richard Kouba.

If the economy allows me to do so, I will close this year with a portfolio of close to €1,000.

Get an additional 1% from €100 of investment for the first 90 days:

Nibble (+info)

I am still delighted with this easy-to-use platform which brought me €4 in July and about which I wrote a detailed article three weeks ago.

In total, it has generated €12.82 since mid-April, making it the platform with the highest return: 14.5% per annum.

Nibble offers micro-credits issued by Joymoney Spain and Joymoney Russia. Moreover, the latter will be 7 years old in August.

Nibble is currently in the process of obtaining the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) certificate.

They have also applied for a supervisory licence from the FSA (Financial Supervision Authority) of Estonia.

Remember that on August 31 ends the promotion in which they offer 11.7% instead of 9.7% in their classic investment strategy, with Buyback, with NO risk and with a minimum investment of 10€.

Esketit (+info)

It has contributed €3.63 in July and is already giving me my first joys. Its Buyback works without delays, it is easy to use and its autoinvest works autonomously so you don’t have to worry about it.

I will write a detailed article in August because it is still an unknown platform that deserves its place in the market.

Even more so if it comes from the founders of Creamfinance, created in 2012 with enormous success.

Here you get an additional 1% bonus on every investment over €100 you make during the first 30 days:

Platforms with some shadows, not recommended for investment

Crowdestor (+info)

This month Crowdestor is in this section as it has contributed €171 and I expect several returns at the beginning of August, but it has been, together with Housers, the “big disappointment”.

In July they launched their big bet called Crowdestor Flex, consisting of a 12% return payable daily and with a maximum contribution of €2,000 per month.

Please note that transferring the amount from the Flex account to the traditional Crowdestor account costs €1.

They have also gone for Auto Invest, although they have hardly advertised it. I do not recommend using this tool on this platform.

Crowdestor is experiencing some difficulties in financing its new projects and, as we all know, in dealing with its growing backlog of projects.

Here you can see that the number of projects with problems is almost double the number of those that are up to date with payments.

438 projects funded; 127 repaid; 113 current; 165 in arrears; 33 in recovery

For the time being and until they reduce their high risk of default, I do not recommend investing in this platform and I withdraw the welcome bonus.

Iuvo (+info)

Although it has returned €4 this month, I still have some doubts about this platform.

I started investing in roubles in their originator Kviku two months ago and have already seen an increase in profitability, but at extra risk, because no project has Buyback.

I must also say that Kviku has significant financial muscle, with the group having been on the market since 2013 without incident.

Euro investments are safer, although their return is low according to my expectations.

But you know the best thing of all? It turns out that the 10 investments in roubles at 19.74% average yield are current, while 2/3 of the 16 investments with Buyback in euro are in arrears:

On the other hand, they apply an undesirable exchange rate (approx. 4% above the market).

In short, I will wait at least another month to see how it evolves. It is still a platform that I have been testing since December.

In any case, I do not recommend investing in it today.

Run away from these platforms. Don’t even think of investing

Housers (+info)

This month Housers has fulfilled 50%: on the one hand it has paid the second commitment of the Albufera III project, but has not paid the first commitment of Torres de Paterna, in addition to 6 other unfulfilled projects. 

And this is the second opportunity offered to the developer Construbecker to fulfil its non-payments, so we will have to wait for the success of the complaints made against it.

On the other hand, active proceedings remain open against Housers, its managers and several property developers for fraud.

The CNMV (National Securities Market Commission) was informed on 13 July of these criminal investigations against them and may act accordingly.

In addition, on 19 July, the collective complaint for the crime of fraud was filed with more than 700 documents provided, which was delayed due to its difficulty before The National High Court and which affects the operations known as “savings” and “investment”.   The judge should rule on its admission for processing. 

On another front, several investors affected by the Vara del Rey project have joined forces to take back the management of the company. A letter has already been sent to the administrator to convene an extraordinary meeting.

On the other hand, they claim to have reached 130,000 registered users in July (some are still unaware of this) and have returned three projects, but there are only 212 to go!

Mintos (+info)

I have been refunded €40 this month and there is now €806 still to be recovered, mostly from Finko AM. 

The good news is that Mintos has recovered 100% of Aforti this month, which was unexpected.

Among other news, Iute Credit has issued an unaudited first half-year report, DelfinGroup has launched new bonds worth €5 million and Mintos has downgraded the status of E-cash and Dziesiatka.

But the most anticipated is that Mintos has announced that it will become an investment platform authorised by the FCMC (Financial Capital Market Commission of Latvia) by the end of August. 

Finally, Mintos has added Fenchurch Legal to its portfolio.

I continue to withdraw my portfolio, as the investment in one of the TOP originators at the time left more than €1,000 in the process of recovery, of which I will recover a maximum of 70%. 

Bulkestate (+info)

It has launched two single projects this month, one of which for a total of €1.6 million that have been funded by fewer than 18 investors. That’s almost €100K per person!

It seems crazy to me, even more so with the delays this platform is suffering, but I am not one to tell anyone where to invest their money. 

My project will be returned a year late and, since they have no secondary market, I can only wait. 

Lenndy (+info)

This month I have been refunded almost €15 of the total €800 of capital still outstanding, which will not be repaid before March 2024. 

In May I put my two assets up for sale at a 21% discount, but no one has yet been interested. 

Crowdestate (+info)

It has reported that Baltic Forest’s insolvency administrator has liquidated €34K worth of various tools and equipment. 

The real estate assets have yet to be assessed to offset the six civil claims against them, with Crowdestate investors being the most harmed. 

The EFSA (Estonian Financial Authority) has granted them the certificate of regulated payment institution and, as a consequence, there have been several changes in their management structure.

In addition, they have financed the first Portuguese project in the Algarve, have had 8 projects repaid, 22 are in arrears (€10.9 million) and €3 million remain unpaid.  

Discover Nibble

Discover Nibble,its simplicity of use and its medium-high proven profitability. Read.

What can I say about Nibble? I started investing in this platform in mid-April and three months later I have already received (and reinvested) the € 10.31 interest.

Here’s the summary of my current portfolio:

And what’s my experience with them?

Unbeatable. They have met the expected return (14.5%),I have not suffered any delay in the 7 active loans, it is a very simple use platform that has made it easier for me to reinvest the interest generated.

Here are more charts and details of my personal account.

Is Nibble safe?

Yes, it is. Although Nibble was launched in 2019, the platform is owned by IT Smart Finance Group,a strong financial group created in 2014 and headquartered in Barcelona and Moscow. At the end of 2021 they will open headquarters in Mexico.

Nibble offers micro-credits issued by Joymoney Spain and Joymoney Russia,analyzed based on three criteria: probability of delay, risk of fraud and degree of loyalty.

And what investment options does Nibble offer us?

It has three strategies. This is the Classic Strategy,which until August 31 offers 11.7% instead of 9.7%, WITHOUT any risk and with a minimum investment of € 10:

NOTE: Here is more information about the risk classification, from AA to C.

Below I show you the Balanced Strategy. In it I have invested since April € 300 and I have already reinvested € 10.31 in interest in just 3 months, which confirms its 14.5% return.

It carries more risks, but so far NONE of my projects are in arrears. The portfolio requires a minimum investment of € 100 and the minimum investment term is 7 months:

Finally, they have the Special Strategy,with a return of 17.2%,but I do not recommend investing in it at the moment because it does not compensate for the risk. In addition, the minimum amount and period are 500€ and 12 months, respectively.

Below I provide how the risks of each project are determined.

Nibble is currently in the process of obtaining the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) certificate.

They have also applied for a supervisory licence from the FSA (Financial Supervision Authority) of Estonia.

You can review their financial statements, audits and balance sheets at this link.

And how are the risks determined?

They are evaluated by a Risk Committee that meets at the end of each month, composed of the following professionals:

And what is its mission? There are three tasks to be developed:

  • Study and analyze the results of the work done regarding NPL 30-60-90-120 (delayed projects at 30 days, 60, 90, 120)
  • Compare the actual indicators with those programmed for the period
  • Analyze the scoring and profitability model (11.7%-14.5%-17.2%),make a forecast and calibrate it

And who helps me if I have doubts?

They have very good support through chat, telephone and e-mail in Spanish, English, German, Russian and Italian.

Would you like to invest in Nibble?

Clicking on this image will add 2% if you invest more than € 300, that is, an additional € 6:

Ad banner


That’s right, a good month of June. And if the forecast holds true, July will be even better. Much better.

But of course, as always, it is up to Housers and its irregular payment schedule to make it happen.

Below I show how the €844 earned this month has been distributed:

Best platforms

In June Crowdestor provided me with €131 in interest and made two partial repayments from Forestlands Investments, which will be paid in full in July.

I continue to take the opportunity to balance the portfolios, reducing Crowdestor, where I still have €18,600 and increasing in Peerberry and Robocash, above all.

It appears that the legal proceedings on the Fertilizer Export Financing project are continuing and there could be interesting developments in October.

Here is a summary of the status of the projects from their website:

412 funded; 119 repaid; 99 current; 161 overdue; 33 in recovery; Capital lost: 0€

They currently have 7 active projects with an annual return between 22%-34%.

Peerberry has behaved as well as ever and has given me €43 in interest. In June I increased my portfolio by another €1,000 and now have €2,500 invested.

Far from reaching the magic €10K figure that will allow me to earn an additional +0.5% interest, I aim to reach it by December this year.

In June I took the opportunity to invest €350 in two real estate projects for 9 months at 11.5% p.a. and a trial €20 in a “long-term” project for three years at 12% p.a. with monthly payments.

Curious graph: 23% of its investors hold a portfolio between €10K and €25K, followed by 21% of the lucky ones who have more than €100K invested:

In addition, Germany is the country with the most investors (27%), followed by Spain (11%) and the Netherlands (6%). It is clear that it is a platform that builds trust.

In June they changed the look and feel of their website and app, which are now lighter and more intuitive.

They have also presented the good 2020 results of some of their partners: SOS Credit CZ, Credit7 UK, Nado Deneg UK, Gofingo UA, Slon Credit UA, AutoMoney UA, etc.

Here they add 0.5% of your investment if it exceeds €500 during the first 30 days:

I am still delighted with Robocash, which has brought me €96 in interest this month, although July looks even better as several projects are coming to an end.

In June I increased the portfolio by another €700 and I am now close to €6,000 invested. In November I expect to reach €10,000 to qualify for “silver status” which offers an additional +0.5% interest.

Given its consistency and the security it gives me, I invested €500 in a single project for 10 months at 12.3% per annum.

In June they unveiled their new microcredit originator Zaimer and we learned that they are hiring nuclear physicists to optimise their successful algorithms.

They continue to break records with €10.6 million per month funded, +1,000 new investors and €185K paid in interest.

Here they add 1% of your investment if it exceeds €500 in the first month:

Viainvest has paid €35 in June and I have increased my portfolio by €350 to invest it in some long-term projects at 14% interest instead of the usual 12%.

In addition, on 29 June, they announced a new partnership with Atlan Advance Management to manage bridge loans through the financing of mortgage-backed real estate loans in Spain.

This new typology of projects will avoid the occasional lack of offers that they sometimes suffer.

In this banner you get €15 just by investing more than €50. Why are you waiting? With only 50€!

In June, Lendermarket provided me with €6, where I have 20 projects, 3 of which are behind schedule, although I have already seen that their Buyback is working perfectly.

They have just turned two years old and have announced that their annual accounts will be audited by KPMG. Big time!

They already have 2,600 investors who hold an average portfolio of €5,000 and have accumulated a volume of €106 million in funding.

The promotional campaign for new investors at 2% has ended, but the 1% promotion is still active:

Nibble has returned €3 in June and in July I will reinvest the interest of the last three months, setting in motion a snowball of profitability.

In testing since mid-April, expectations on this platform are high and so far it is performing perfectly.

It has a very simple usability and I like its evaluation system based on three pillars: probability of delay, probability of fraud and degree of loyalty.

Be sure to take a look here for some introductory information I have prepared on their platform.

In mid-May I invested €300 in Esketit to try it out and, although it is too early to draw any conclusions, I can tell you how well it performs.

With thirteen investments made, two of them in business and eleven in short-term loans, I already have a proven return of 14.03%.

Interesting also because it is based in Ireland, thus avoiding the concentration of Baltic platforms, it has reached €3M in funded loans.

In July I will publish a more detailed publication with more statistics, results and general impressions.

Bondster has rented €4 in June and comes with good news. Originator Kviku has achieved €1.6 million in profit and Bondster has added two new ones: NordCard and SmartAdvance South Africa.

From 1 July they will have a secondary market with a 0.5% commission to the seller, with no fee for the buyer.

This tool will increase liquidity, although I don’t think I will use it because my projects are short term and its Buyback works perfectly.

In addition, until 31 August, they are offering 1% of the investment to each new affiliate and an additional €5 bonus:

Platform with some shadows

Iuvo is not convincing me and has generated €1 again this month, despite investing in roubles with Kviku at almost 20%.

I have already seen that they have an inconvenient currency exchange rate, so I will give them until the end of July, when they will be 5 years old.

It is a very secure and highly rated platform, but its profitability is below my expectations.

In relation to its partners, Adwisers and NordCard have presented their audited annual accounts, while Ibancar has completed two years in Iuvo.

The new originator Access Finance with a 9% yield, risk category A and 30% skin-in-the-game has been launched.

Shunning these platforms

This month Housers has fulfilled the first payment of €517 committed for the Albufera III project. I expect that in July the payment of Torres de Paterna, both from the denounced developer Construbecker, will be added.

The court has admitted the complaint for a fraud offence and several parties involved on both sides, Housers and Construbecker, have been summoned to testify.

The total amount is €6.3 million for the projects Avenida del Puerto, Cardenal Benlloch, Albufera I, II and III, Tarragona, Torres de Paterna I and II, Eliana and Llanes.

Another court has ordered an investigation into the complaint filed against ByNok and Álvaro Luna, chairman of the board of directors of Housers, has already testified.

Things are not going well for them, that’s for sure. Based on last month’s data, we see here that investors are taking out more capital than they invest:

Another novelty is the inclusion of Bitcoin as a payment method in Housers through Cryptan.

My advice: don’t invest in Housers even with Monopoly tickets.

In Mintos I have reduced my portfolio by €114 and gained €5 in interest, thanks to the return of Akulaku. It is now up to Finko AM to follow suit, although they have already announced that they will return a maximum of 70% of the amount owed. I still do not advise investing in Mintos.

Already close to being licensed as brokers, they have introduced three categories of investors: retail, professional and eligible counterparties.

They have published their 2020 annual accounts audited by KPMG, which are less satisfactory than those for 2019.

In Lenndy they returned €13 in June, but I still have a long way to go until March 2024 to get rid of my entire portfolio. Last month I put the two assets up for sale at a 21% discount, but no one has been interested in them.

I am still very unhappy with Bulkestate. This month they came up with the idea of launching a project with the same return as usual (12%), for a term of 18 months, but with a minimum investment of €25,000.

And why invest in this project when there are others in which I can diversify and invest €50 at the same or a higher return and for a shorter term, even with monthly payments? Absurd.

Crowdestate still has no news on the Baltic Forest project, for which they owe me €284 and counting. It seems that the bankruptcy committee is taking it easy.

This month they have published 7 projects (none since 10/06) and we are still waiting for the publication of their annual accounts.

In the loss section, more than €2.5 million is irrecoverable and €7.1 million is in the hands of the courts.

Platforms denounced

Grupeer is not getting off the ground. This month it has been confirmed that the Latvian National Police has launched a criminal investigation and the person responsible is Commissioner Ervins Ambrozis, who can be contacted by those affected by this email:

It is also possible to join the Armada Group through their website. They have not published any posts on their blog since 31 March.

The curious thing is that on 16 June they presented the accounting books for the last three years (2018-2020) of one of the group’s companies, in which its administrator is Mr. Kisiks Andrejs.

Wisefund has defended its position and the judge has not yielded to the creditors’ meeting. In any case, the Spanish Judicial Police have informed me that they have found evidence of pyramid activity.

There is little time left to bring in the full cavalry against Monethera and there is evidence of cross financial movements with Envestio. In late summer there could be pleasant surprises.

Yesterday, 30 June, the defence of the claims against Envestio took place, but there is no public information about it. There will be further developments at the end of July.

The hearing against Kuetzal was held on the same day. It appears that the network is being extended to Colombia and one of its financial institutions. In Russia, a lawsuit has already been filed in the relevant courts.

RECOMMENDED PLATFORMS OFFERING WELCOME BONUSES (no Mintos, no Bulkestate, no Housers, no Crowdestate, etc.)

VIAINVEST: 15€ bonus with a minimum investment of 50€

CROWDESTOR: 1% of your investment during the first 90 days

PEERBERRY: 0.5% of your investment for the first 30 days starting from 500€.

ROBO.CASH: 1% of your investment for the first 30 days from 500€.

LENDERMARKET:1% of your investment with a maximum of 3.000€.

contained optimism

It has been a month of restrained optimism, because both Crowdestor and Housers could have given me good news.

They have been fulfilled with Crowdestor and with Housers I am waiting for the first interest payment approved at the Shareholders’ Meeting, because I do not trust them.

Here are my results for the month, with €388 in interest earned:

Peerberry has brought great news, all of it welcome: I have been paid €38 in interest, the Taikos real estate project has been repaid at 14.4%, the originator Credit Plus UA has presented the audit with its excellent 2020 results and the Polish companies of the Aventus Group raised €2.55 million. of net profit last year.

Viainvest appears to have subscribed to the €7 monthly return, financing €4 million this month and resolving some periods without new projects. 

This month Robocash has returned “only” €44 as I have started investing in projects between 90-180 days because I have enormous confidence in them.

I have nothing but good things to say about them and they are becoming giants. They will soon launch $5 million in bonds in Singapore to launch their online bank in Southeast Asia, no less. 

In May Crowdestor woke up and made a partial repayment of the Forestland Investments project, for which they also made a special payment.

In addition, he has paid interest on four more projects and has given me €284 in interest.

I have sold the Mafia Stars project and keep 14 projects, half of which I have put up for sale at the same price as they were acquired.

Bondster has announced that it will launch its secondary market in July. In the meantime, they have given me another €4 in May and are continuing their usual line of work, paying on time.

Lendermarket continues to delight me, even though this month it has only yielded me €5. It is very regular in its payments and this month has exceeded €100 million financed.

With regard to Iuvo, it continues to evolve slowly but surely.

I have noticed that they do a currency exchange rate that is not very advantageous for the buyer, so in June I will look into rouble investments, which yield almost 20% per annum.

Mintos has let me down for another month, paying €0 of the €960 in recovery. In December 2021 I am supposed to get the €89 from Akulaku back, but Finko continues his zero payout line. 

This month its originators have published their annual results, Mintos has reached 400,000 registered users, originators Acema and Swiss Capital have stopped working with them and E-cash has been suspended with an outstanding debt of €407,000.

Bulkestate still has no news on the Amalijas Street project, which has been extended from 12 months to 24 months. Let’s hope it will be sooner, because they have already launched the 4th financing of this project. 

Crowdestate already owes me €211 in arrears from the Baltic Forest project and this month announced that 76 claims totalling almost €34 million are under review by the Bankruptcy Committee.  

In May, 8 new projects were launched and 2 entered the list of defaulters, making a total of 31 projects with a total of more than €8.5 million that are not known to be recovered.

In April I invested €300 in the Nibble platform after studying it for several months and I am VERY happy with them, as it has brought me a 14.5% return, they are transparent and have an excellent support service.

Below is a sample and here I show you more details:

In May I also invested another 300€ in the new Esketit platform and as it is very new, although I have been looking for it for some time, I will give you just a sample.

I will give you more details in June:

In Lenndy they have published the payment schedule for the projects with Buyback defaulted and will end in March 2024.

So I have taken the decision to put my two assets up for sale at a 21% discount on the purchase price.  

And what can I say about Housers? Well, they have behaved as usual: ZERO interest payments on the more than €100,000 invested.

On 31 May, the interest in the Albufera III project should have been transferred from the accused developer Construbecker to Housers. Will they arrive?

In May something fantastic happened and that is that the investors have taken control of the Via Augusta project, leaving aside the terrible management of the administrator and Housers. Well done, fellow sufferers!

And in June, the long-awaited class action lawsuit will be filed against Housers and all those involved in the scheme.

There are a total of 60 projects and you can participate as claimants and some even include loans already repaid, since the origin of the operations is illegal.

I am running against two: Ríos Rosas and Iriarte. All loan operations, except “Secundino Hernandez”, have in common the use of investors’ money for the purchase, refurbishment and sale of a real estate asset within 12 months (short-term investment transactions), or the purchase of the asset for rental and subsequent resale in the long term (savings operations).

If you want to participate in the class action, you can write to me at

Problematic platforms

The ones we prefer not to talk about are the ones we have learned the most about. Let’s go to them:

Grupeer has still not given any sign of life. The Armada Group has activated this page to join the lawsuit against them. 

The law firm Ellex Klavins is still trying to get Grupeer to file for bankruptcy, but it has not happened yet.

From Wisefund there are many new developments, but the main one is that the judicial police in each country are calling all those affected in Europe to corroborate and declare to the authorities their status as investors. Among them, myself.

This has happened because Magnusson’s law firm has filed a civil rather than a criminal lawsuit and Wisefund has avoided bankruptcy.

This is apparently Wisefund’s third victory in court. We will see what happens in this decisive month of June.

The case against Monethera is yielding results and data is being compiled to resume legal proceedings.

On the other hand, evidence has been received showing the connection between the Envestio, Kuetzal and Monethera frauds. Surprised?

In reference to Kuetzal, pressure is being put on the alleged perpetrators Victoria Gortsak and Alberts Cevers and they have taken a defensive position.

The case extends to Hungary, Bulgaria and Russia, where significant progress is being made.

The Envestio case appears to be well advanced and an auditor has even been hired to carry out a thorough analysis of the current situation.

I cannot give more details, but I am very optimistic despite the difficulty and the time it will take me to recover the first euro.

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One step forward and half a step back

My portfolio update: April 2021

This sentence defines the month of April: one step forward and half a step back, because the €258 return is somewhat disappointing.

And the disappointments are Housers, which is usual with a few exceptions, and Crowdestor, which in April brought in a measly 14 euros.

Fortunately Peerberry, Robocash and Lendermarket continue to do their job perfectly and give me nothing but joy.

This month I can’t blog much more due to time constraints, but here’s a summary of the main news from each platform:

Mintos continues to show its appalling management in the recovery of overdue loans, which this month accounted for €1.32 of the €960 outstanding.

Hopefully, the end of moratoriums in several countries will help to accelerate this process.

This month the Mexican originator Swell (up to 11% interest, 36 month periods, skin in the game of 10% and Buyback) has joined.

Mikro Kapitalhas also expanded its portfolio to Uzbekistan (up to 11% annual return, 23 months duration, skin in the game of 10% and Buyback), while E-Cash has been suspended.

DelfinGroup plans its IPO on the Latvian stock exchange in 2021 and maintains €13 million financed in Mintos.

Mintos has published a 44% growth in financed volume in the last 6 months compared to the previous 6 months.

Peerberry continues to outperform and has published its excellent first quarter results (€102 million portfolio vs. €60 million in 2020, €31 million over €23 million in 2020, doubled the number of employees in one year, etc.).

In addition, this month I set an all-time record with them by generating €81 in interest.

It plans to expand its market to Kenya, India and Romania, to expand its development in the real estate sector and in factoring.

This month they have improved their mobile app for Android, while it will take a few more weeks for iOS.

Viainvest has expanded into the Philippines under the banner of Vamo Lending Inc. with a 12% return, no Buyback and the possibility of early exit at one, three or six months’ notice.

On the other hand, they are going to stop issuing new projects in Spain under the VIA SMS Group brand.

They continue to suffer from a lack of projects on occasion, although they have recovered from their worst initial months this year.

With regard to Robocash, I can only confirm that I am still very satisfied with the €57 generated.

They have beaten their own forecasts and published their audited annual accounts by FBK Grant Thornton, which corroborate their excellent results: USD 24 million net profit and a 58% increase in the value of the group compared to the previous year.

As previously announced, Tez Finance has been replaced by LLP MFO

The first big disappointment of the month arrives: Crowdestor has contributed €14 with 75% of its projects in arrears, few or late explanations and future promises of payment.

Below is a picture of my dashboard.

In April they have launched 7 new projects with a total volume of €835,000 and 530 new investors have registered. In March there were 12 projects, €1.6 million and 620 new users. Change of cycle?

They have published the results of the questionnaire which shows that 44% of investors are satisfied with the platform and that the greatest dissatisfaction comes from delays in payments.

Finally, in April they have changed their FAQ section and the secondary market is very active with new unforeseen delays.

Lenndy has refunded virtually none of the Buyback management monies and has re-announced that they will no longer issue projects under this guarantee.

As a result, its secondary market is buzzing with projects for sale and few purchases.

As I said last month, I am very unhappy with Bulkestate. The project in which I had invested for 12 months and which ended in March, will be delayed for another year.

Needless to say,I do not recommend investing in this platform until they catch up with payments on the many projects in arrears.

Bondster has brought some news in April: originator Stikcredit has published its 47% increase in sales in 2020.

On the other hand, the Bulgarian originator ITF has increased its interest rate from 10 to 11.5%.

I am pleased to learn about the situation of the originators in the process of restructuring thanks to the informative emails that they send openly, without any hint of secrecy.

The great joy of the month, along with Peerberry, was provided by Lendermarket, which contributed €84 in profitability between interest and bonus.

The first quarter results of its parent group – Creditstar Group – have been published, with a net profit of €1.7 million.

They have set aside €1.5 million for possible defaults on Covid, have launched the company Monefit in Finland and will launch new bonds worth €8 million in June.

Iuvo continues to go from strength to strength and this is the fourth month that I have made €1 profit.

The originator in which I invest in roubles, Kviku, has published its excellent audited results for last year (+40% gross profit).

iCredit Romania has also generated €1.36 million in gross profit in 2020 and already has 1,400 employees in 103 offices.

It is also a joy to know that they have started the process to become a regulated company under strict European guidelines in the P2P market.

Crowdestate has not provided any profitability for more than a year and they have not provided any news in the bankruptcy process of the company where I have invested €2,600.

They maintain €11.8 million owed for delays and €1.9 million irrecoverable from four projects.

The usual disappointment called Housers has avoided paying out this month on any of the nine active projects.

For the time being, the new class action lawsuit that was to be filed against Housers for 33 projects has been delayed because the lawsuit will be extended to more than 60 projects. I will report to you shortly on its implementation.

But the collective criminal complaint for alleged fraud and embezzlement against Housers and ByNok has already been admitted for processing, and the founders of the company are due to testify on 27 May.

Any investor in the ByNok projects (Boladilla Village and Hills, ByNok, Mediterranean Hills and Bond Hills) can join the lawsuit by contacting the lawyer Manuel C. Merino:

Housers published on 8 April that it has closed a capital increase round of half a million euros and intends to raise a further 4 million euros next summer.

In addition, founding partner Antonio Brusola has agreed to leave Housers after 3 years of conflict.

There are still two very active groups to keep up to date: and

We have not received anything this month either from the defendants Grupeer and Wisefund.

Neither has issued any statement and there is no news about them.

In reference to Envestio, a possible agreement with the debtor Spade has been extended this month.

New material has emerged implicating Cevers for misappropriation in the Kuetzal case.

Sensitive information has also been requested from a major bank to trace the origin of several transfers.

In addition, a bankruptcy petition has been filed in Central Europe, and there could be developments in the Russian bankruptcy office next month.

Finally, there have been a number of developments against Monethera and some of its debtor companies.

In addition, a criminal complaint has been filed against a former manager of the company for misappropriation.

Here’s the current status of my investments:

You already know that you can see the screenshot of each platform, the profitability tables, latest news and the summary of each one in each “Crowdlending” tab or here. 


Record-breaking month

My portfolio update: March 2021

Yes, a month of records. March surpassed the highest return achieved in December 2019 with a magical sum: €2,297.

And, incredible as it may seem, this month Housers has returned €2,055 of four months of delays in the Albufera III project. That said, we may not see a euro for months, which is the usual scenario.

I don’t know if it has anything to do with the complaint that I ratified this month before the Madrid Courts against Housers and the Albufera III developer, but it seems a pleasant coincidence.

March has brought a lot of news about Housers, which you can read below.

In reference to Peerberry, this month it has continued to give me joy, as it has brought me €69 between interest and bonus, a new profitability record on this platform.

In addition, this month they have launched their mobile app, closed their first real estate project, and continue to increase their financed volume, number of investors, etc. every month. has been another tremendous success, because I have reached the bronze category (over €5,000 invested) which entitles me to an additional 0.3% interest, earning me €61.

They have several new developments: this year they will open a market in Sri Lanka and are creating a digital bank. The 2020 audit will be presented around May-June.

Crowdestor has disappointed me this month because of continued delays and non-payments and professional miscommunication, despite having received €90 in interest.

In March they reached €50 million in funding, Artur Geisari (head of SME) has left the company and they have launched Crowdestor Club for those with investments over €75,000.

They have just announced a new procedure for the collection of every overdue or unpaid project. You can see it here.

I also give a positive to Bondster, which this month has paid €10 in interest, introduced its new CEO (Pavel Klema), has new originator (Autofino) and received excellent feedback from and Capital Insider.

Viainvest continues to hold its own and has suffered less fallow this month, paying €8 in interest.

Iuvo has also complied and since this month I am “testing” rouble investments with an interest rate above 19%. All projects are up to date and are made in the well-known originator Kviku.

Lendermarket continues to run its course and with the expected profitability, without surprises.

On the other side of the coin is Lenndy, which this month invented a way to make the backlog of projects disappear by moving them into one portfolio for First Finance projects and another for Giantus projects.

I was also disappointed by Bulkestate, from which I expected the return of the project invested a year ago and which will be delayed for a few months. We were not informed until the expiry date. Painful communication.

Mintos, which has refunded me 10€ of the overdue amount, was not to be missed. A lot of marketing and inefficient collection management, with €961 (all my capital) in the process of recovery. Another one I don’t recommend.

Crowdestate has still not contributed a single euro for more than a year. There have also been no developments in the bankruptcy proceedings of the company in which I have invested my capital.

They remain €11.8 million in arrears and €1.9 million unrecoverable from four projects.

This month we have also received nothing from the reported fraudsters Grupeer and Wisefund, whose news I publish below, along with the confirmed fraudsters Envestio, Kuetzal and Monethera.

Here’s the current status of my investments:

This month ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority) has introduced a technical consultation affecting Crowdfunding service providers for investor protection based on the ECSPR (European Crowdfunding Service Providers Regulation).

They should get a response before the end of May, so the long-awaited regulation that will mark the potential future of Crowdfunding is coming.

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