Edited on 30/06/2022 / Total invested: 814€




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  • Simplicity of use
  • They are registered in Ireland and headquartered in Riga, Latvia
  • Double guarantee: Esketit invests in each originator and the originator invests in each project
  • Monthly interest payment
  • User-friendly secondary market
  • Autoinvest very practical
  • Buyback at 60 days in which they also pay accrued interest
  • Detailed FAQ
  • Esketit was launched in 2020, but its founders created Creamfinance Group in 2012
  • Projects originating in 7 countries: Spain, Mexico, Latvia, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Czech Republic and Poland
  • Page only available in German and English
  • With a small investment of €300 in mid-May 2021, I have to say that they are performing perfectly: 14.36% interest, with buyback after 60 days without delay, easy to use and with an efficient autoinvest.
  • It is one of those platforms where you see your capital increase with little effort
  • In June 2022 I have increased the portfolio by another 200€

ESKETIT General Features

Country of originRegistered in Ireland, operates from Latvia
Year founded2020
GuaranteesDouble: the founders invest in each originator and the originators invest in each project. In addition, most of the projects have Buyback
Secondary marketYES
min-max investmentFrom 10€. No upper limit
Return estimated12-15% p.a.
Investment periods1 day-12 months
Support rating10 / 10
Official supervisionEach originator is licensed in its country of origin

ESKETIT latest news

18/05/2022Publication 2021 financial situations of its Jordanian originator Money For Finance and its parent company Creamfinance
19/04/2022Increased security with its Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
04/04/2022New Loyalty Program: Platinum (+€50K +1%) and Gold (+€25K +0.5%)
28/02/2022Updated figures: +31 million financed and 13.37% average IRR
19/01/2022Esketit, the first platform offering investments in “stable cryptocurrencies”.
28/12/2022Figures 2021: +M18 financed and 300K paid in interest
26/10/2021Money For Finance presents excellent results
30/09/2021Esketit reaches €9M in funding and exceeds 700 investors
01/07/2021Esketit undertakes to publish the quarterly statements of its originators
26/05/2021Esketit now offers to invest in projects in Jordan
20/04/2021Vitalijs Zalovs, new CEO of Esketit