Edited on 30/01/2021 / Total invested: 19,155€

Viktoria Gortsak has declared under oath, but derives responsibility from Alberts Cevers. It looks even better than Envestio, because there seems to be more money in the accounts, but they are still tracking bank movements between companies.

There is new evidence that some projects were fake and that some members of the platform knew.

It is trying to bring to justice a corporation of companies, among which there is an important and well-known one that is deriving its responsibility to a Russian client.

The network also moves to Hong Kong from Latvia, so there is still much work to be done to achieve results that make us think that we will get our money back.

Everything hereafter is outdated and refers to comments obtained in early February 2020. Therefore, they should not be taken into account, but I think it is important that they be recorded, so as not to forget that there is always risk in each investment:

This platform has caused an earthquake in the sector due to its declaration of completion of services. It is a pity that due to unprecedented media scorn by some bloggers – some with the aim of attracting visits to their pages – the result has been that investors have decided to withdraw their shares early.

In this way, the platform began to make refunds and, in the face of such movements, the competent authorities blocked all Kuetzal accounts on suspicion of possible money laundering.

The hope was that they would unlock those accounts and continue to proceed with the returns of those investors who had requested their Buy-back.

As of 30 January 2020, they blocked access to their website, so it is clear that the last remaining hope that the platform manager would resume his activity is lost.

As with Envestio, a near-proven fraud by this platform has been put in the hands of the Estonian police.

I have already sent you the corresponding documentation through the information provided by the https://www.crowdfunding-market.com/ to formalize the complaint. Now it’s time to believe in the platform created by several affected people whose most up-to-date information appears to be on Telegram: https://t.me/KuetzalDiscussion.

The only positive thing that has happened is that the rest of the platforms are providing more dynamic and transparent information that will surely come to an improvement in Crowdlending in general, although for the moment Envestio has already been taken ahead.

This is the last screenshot I was able to take and that has been part of the documentation sent to the Estonian police to report the fraud committed by this platform:

In my case, the losses could be 19,155 euros, minus 2,401 euros already charged in interest. I’m rebasing optimism, so I’m still hopeful that some platform will take their projects and continue them.