Edited on 31/03/2021 / Total invested: 300€





  • Secure platform covered by mortgage guarantee
  • Medium to high yields
  • Detailed information on each project


  • Periods between 12-24 months and very few projects with monthly payments
  • They publish between 2 and 4 projects per month. In March they are finding it difficult to finance new projects
  • Projects cannot be sold. You have to wait for them to be completed
  • Some projects have suffered some delays


  • This is one of the platforms that if they changed their policy and paid interest every month, I would invest more in them, despite their delays. But having to wait a year (plus the usual delay of months) to receive the interest together with the capital does not convince me
  • The few projects with monthly payments fly and have a lower monthly return
  • As soon as I get paid for the project that ended on 26 March, I will say goodbye to this platform until they change their monthly payment policy or avoid arrears

BULKESTATE general features

Country of originEstonia
Year founded2016
GuaranteesMortgage guarantee
Secondary marketNO
min-max investmentFrom €50. No upper limit
Return estimated12-16% p.a.
Investment periods12-24 months
Support rating9 / 10
Official supervisionNO, but they have a Financial Licence to operate in Estonia

BULKESTATE latest news

26/03/2021Bulkestate acknowledges a delay of months in the project which ends today. Couldn’t they have communicated this earlier?
28/01/2021Bulkestate participates in Finfellas Real Estate Lending online event
22/07/2020Bulkestate strengthens security with Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and two-factor authentication solutions