Edited on 31/10/2021 // Total invested: 537€




WELCOME BONUS: 1% of your investment from 100€ for the first 90 days from this banner ⇓⇓


  • Investment from €5
  • All originators participate with a minimum of 5% in each loan
  • Buyback of 30 or 60 days, depending on the originator. I have tested it and it works very well
  • Located in the Czech Republic, enhancing geographical diversification
  • Secondary market as of 1 July 2021


  • CEO Jana Mückova left the company in March without an official announcement. She has been replaced by Pavel Klema


  • I have worked very well with them for more than a year.
  • From March to July I have withdrawn the welcome BONUS, but I reactivate it in August seeing the good work of the platform and its new CEO
  • I will increase my portfolio before the end of the year, especially now that they have a secondary market

BONDSTER general features

Country of originCzech Republic
Year founded2017
GuaranteesBuyback offered by most originators They also invest 5% in each loan
Secondary marketYES, as from 1 July 2021
min-max investmentFrom 5€. No upper limit
Return estimated6-17% p.a.
Investment periods1-12 months
Support rating8 / 10
Official supervisionNO, but they have a Financial Licence to operate in the Czech Republic

BONDSTER latest news

22/10/2021Lime South Africa returns to Bondster, along with new suppliers TrustGro (Kenya) and NúNú (Iceland).
01/10/2021QuickCheck, new supplier at Bondster
29/09/2021Acema launches first loans secured with Bitcoins
07/09/2021New originator in Bondster: EUROlombard
30/08/2021New Estonian originator: Alende, which offers 16% and buyback
19/07/2021New Head of Marketing and Sales: Richard Kouba
01/07/2021Launch of the secondary market
16/06/2021NordCard and SmartAdvance South Africa join Bondster
07/06/2021Kviku reaches €1.6M profit on Bondster
14/04/2021Stikcredit’s sales increase of 47% in 2020