Edited on 31/03/2021 / Total invested: 1.000€





  • None


  • Everything you can think of: they don’t pay, they don’t update the status of delayed projects, they don’t respond to emails and so on and so forth


  • They do not return the money invested or the interest accrued since March 2020, despite the fact that the project ended in October 2020
  • Despite warnings, some unwary people have invested in their two new projects. Are they crazy?
  • There is a class action lawsuit against them

WISEFUND general features

Country of originEstonia
Year founded2019
GuaranteesThey are supposed to have personal and collateral guarantees depending on the project, but my experience dictates otherwise. No guarantee applies
Secondary marketYES, but it does not work with delayed projects. Desperate investors are selling at 50% of the purchase price
min-max investmentFrom 10€. No upper limit
Return estimated14-20% p.a. but none of them are true
Investment periods4-12 months
Support rating0 / 10
Official supervisionNO. Wisefund consulted the Estonian Financial Supervisor and was told that it was not necessary. Really?

WISEFUND latest news

02/04/2021Important: the Court has dismissed Wisefund’s bankruptcy. The police investigation is still ongoing. Until further notice it is possible to join the waiting list, but no new participants will be admitted
21/02/2021Following the bankruptcy filing, a new round will be opened to join the complaint group. You can join the waiting list here.
18/01/2021There are significant developments against the lawsuit brought against Wisefund by the Magnusson law firm. All the latest news here
29/09/2020Ingus Linkeviks, CEO of Wisefund, invited to the III Stolypin-Forum in Moscow

Wisefund is an Estonian platform that has been working since 2009 as brokers under the name Nord Capital Markets. In 2019 they have launched their new crowdlending platform with returns close to 22%, although in my case I have invested in a 19.2% project that has been a fiasco.

Attention, because they do not answer emails, they do not return interest or the capital of the only project in which I have invested and which ended in mid-October 2020, nor do they update any information, so it could be another fraudulent platform.

It is a platform that I started investing in mid-September 2019 and has the experience of a large investment group, but it is failing in the only project I have invested in and they have lost all my confidence.