Edited on 31/03/2021 // Total invested: 691€



  • High liquidity due to short-term loans
  • Easy usability of the platform and Autoinvest
  • Buyback applies after 30 days strictly
  • The platform withholds taxes on loans from Spain and the Czech Republic
  • All loans require a 5% participation of the originator
  • Long-term business projects can be sold after 120 days
  • In the process of obtaining a broker’s licence
  • Audited by BDO (Michelin, SAS, Apple,…)


  • There are periods that suffer from cash drag (lack of available projects)
  • They do not have a secondary market, but it is not vital because most of their loans are short-term
  • Business projects do not have Buyback, but can be sold from day 120 onwards


  • I’ve been investing with them since 2018 and the only problem is that sometimes they don’t have any offers available
  • They belong to the VIA SMS Group, with more than 200 employees and significant financial muscle
  • Platform recommended and trouble-free since 2016

VIAINVEST general features

Country of originLatvia
Year founded2016
GuaranteesBuyback, VIA SMS Group guarantee and 5% originator contribution
Secondary marketNO
min-max investmentFrom 10€. No upper limit
Return estimated11-12% p.a.
Investment periods1-24 months
Support rating10 / 10
Official supervisionAll operators are supervised from their home countries. Audited by BDO

VIAINVEST latest news

08/10/2020Viainvest takes part in the processes for the reconversion of the sector and the achievement of the brokerage license (IBF).


€15 for investing more than €50