Edited on 30/10/2021 // Total invested: 600€

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  • Excellent risk study
  • Almost all projects have mortgage preference
  • No losses since 2014, but €11 million in recovery process
  • Projects from 9 months onwards
  • Some projects with repayment of the capital at the end of the period in a single payment, including interest
  • I have invested with them in the past, but I preferred other platforms because it was too long to wait 9 months, 12 months or 18 months to get my capital back.
  • I am now investing on the safe side and prefer to be patient but not to accumulate defaults

General features ESTATEGURU

Country of originLatvia / Estonia
Year founded2014
Guarantees1st rank mortgage, better than any Buyback
Secondary marketYES, they charge 2% to the seller
min-max investmentFrom €50. No upper limit
Return estimated7.5%-11.5% p.a.
Investment periods6-24 months
Support rating9 / 10
Official supervisionNO

Latest news ESTATEGURU

18/10/2021Record monthly funding of €21.2 million in September
12/10/2021Estateguru prepares to enter the UK in 2022
27/09/2021Latvia has prohibited the sale of collateral in the event that the borrower fails to repay the debt. The Courts will have the last word