Edited on 31/10/2021 / Total invested: 4.870€


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  • Buyback and additional Group guarantee
  • No cash drag (period of no investment due to lack of projects)
  • Stable returns
  • Investors have never suffered defaults
  • Site in several languages
  • Broker’s licence obtained


  • They do not have a secondary market, although it is not vital because their projects are short term, except for the originator Lithome, which offers Real Estate


  • VERY HAPPY with them, I have never had any problems investing since 2018
  • They apply Buyback after 60 days, but are not usually delayed
  • Transparent in their communications, they have published their excellent results in 2020

PEERBERRY general features

Country of originLatvia
Year founded2017
GuaranteesBuyback and guarantees of the Aventus and Gofingo Groups
Secondary marketNO
min-max investmentFrom 10€. No maximum limit, from 10.000€ +0,5%, from 25.000€ +0,75% and from 40.000€ +1% return
Return estimated11-13% p.a.
Investment periods1-12 months
Support rating10 / 10
Official supervisionAlmost all operators are supervised from their home countries

PEERBERRY latest news

31/10/2021Peerberry exceeds €9M interest paid and €750M financed
01/10/2021Peerberry has moved its operations to Croatia, changed its investment agreement and usage policies, and changed its bank account
16/09/2021Some originators cut interest rates by 0.5%
08/09/2021Crowdfunding and EMI have applied for a licence in Lithuania
06/08/2021The Aventus Group, of which Peerberry is a part, obtained €13.15 million in the first half of 2021
26/07/2021Peerberry publishes net results of €142,000
28/06/2021Statistics release: total portfolio €54M, 23% investors with portfolios between €10K-€25K and 21% +€100K, Germany (27%) and Spain (11%) are the countries with more investors, 39% invest in between 3-5 platforms
18/06/2021Presentation of 2020 results of SOS Credit CZ, Credit7 UK, Nado Deneg UK, Gofingo UA, Slon Credit UA, AutoMoney UA, etc.
26/05/2021Repayment of the Taikos project of the originator Lithome with 14.4% interest rate
25/05/2021Originator Credit Plus UA presents 2020 results audit in which it made €8.35m net profit
07/05/2021Aventus group companies in Poland earned €2.55 million in 2020