Updating my portfolio: September 2020

Month of high hope

Month of high hope, yes. Although they have only been half-fulfilled,because I expected many charges from Crowdestor and half of them have been made. The ones that did not materialize in September are 91€ of the Saapio project and 459 euros of the Inch2 project.  

If the deadlines had been met, the amount of profitability this month would have been 1,003 euros, but due to these delays, the actual total has been 448euros, which is not bad either. 

Since August, another 186 euros derived from the Forestland Investments and Kabuki projects have been pending payment.

Finally, from May and July respectively, the projects already completed Fertilizer Export and The Catch, with amounts of 1,494 euros and 1,466 euros, are pending.

In Mintos I have returned 13% of the portfolio in September and will continue to lower my exposure with them because I have 882 euros of 1027 euros in recovery and only 141 euros producing some profitability. They have several new features that you can see below. 

Peerberryhas barely made a profitability this month because most projects will be completed in October. I have increased my portfolio by 200 euros and continue to work firmly, even increasing the profitability of some projects.

At Viainvest I have increased 300€ my portfolio in projects to 12% and will remain one of my platforms to consider in the coming months.

On August 31st I increased 2,000 euros in Robo.cash,taking advantage of the promotion to 14% that is not in force today.

Lenndy also received 200 euros to increase the portfolio to the current 1,200 euros and has contributed me 17 euros in interest. 

I am still very satisfied with Bondster,although this month I have half the projects with delays,but they always apply their Buyback that works perfectly. 

From all other platforms – Bulkestate, Swaper, Wisefund, Crowdestate y and Grupeer – you can see below all the details, which are not few. I also update the latest advances in the processes against Monethera, Kuetzal and Envestio. 

And to finish, unlike in my previous publications, I will tell you what’s new in Housers:

Fifth consecutive month without paying me any interest or repayment. It appears that they will start to pay back the interest of two projects and another one could be incorporated if the votes at the shareholders’ meeting dictate it that way – until I see it on my account I won’t believe it –the project to be sold in June has been dismissed and Housers has decided that you no longer need to have your customer service as easy as that. 

Two months ago they announced to all the media that they were moving to super-offices. Well, just out of curiosity I stopped by to see them and it is a co-working space. Will there be any truth to what they say?

As of September 29, I’ve paralyzed Robo.cash, Lenndy and Bondster’s Autoinvest to take care of a family member’s mortgage with the money they report to me.

Here I show you the monthly profitability chart obtained in September:

And here’s what’s new in the detail of each platform:

Mintos (extended version)

It remains P2P’s number one platform, with 92 million euros invested, followed by Peerberry with 14 million.

But I’m not exactly happy with Mintos. The 882 euros that are in arrears could be charged in a period of 10 months, according to the information extracted from the different originators.

This month I have withdrawn another 142 euros because they only finish projects that go directly to “Funds in recovery”. In September, it was specifically 417 euros out of a total of 558 euros that it had invested in August. Annual profitability has also declined. Here you can see it in detail:

SITUATION 31/08/2020
SITUATION 09/30/2020

In early September they launched a new panel to see the “Funds in Recovery” in detail, with the breakdown by originator in current or completed investments, interest obtained, links to updates and statistics.

This week they announced that Mogo Finance plans the purchase of two companies belonging to the Finitera Group. In addition, Mogo Moldova will launch new projects without Buyback to greater interest.

On the other hand, Mintos has published that originator Zenka offers loans at 17% through his new Forward Flow product. Here’s all the information in English, but I don’t advise this originator in any way, with TAE’s exceeding 350%:

Good news from the originator IuteCredit,which has obtained the requested requirements to participate in the Frankfurt Regulated Market.

IDF Eurasia Group managed to place its two-year bonds on the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange at 19% per year. Not bad…

They have published a blog withimprovements made to their new investment strategies launched in August. You can see them in Spanish here and in English here. I still don’t recommend investing in any of the three products.

They have just launched a 1% return campaign on investments in Wowwo, a Turkish originator specializing in loans for the purchase of vehicles. To do this, you can join Mintoshereand then sign up for the campaign.

On August 7, a survey was launched to learn about Capital Service’s proposal that offered a 40% reduction in existing debt and the other 60% to be paid in 8 years with two years of shortfall. The proposal has been rejected and a new timetable is being negotiated.

At the moment, I have stopped the self-research since March 27th and I continue to refund the amounts that continue to return me without haste but without pause.

Remember that as of April 13, Mintos charges a commission of 0.85% of sales in its secondary market and does not apply in its three new strategies that replace Invest & Access.

Peerberry (extended version)

One of the platforms with which I am most satisfied, with little fallow for a few days.

I have increased my portfolio by 200 euros and continue to allow the flexibility to reinstate it in a short time.

On 24 September they launched a survey of investors about their general opinion of the P2P industry and its particular situation. In my opinion, they continue to work VERYwell, return interest in two business days and keep investors permanently informed.

Peerberry has reached 1000 employees, aims to expand in the Philippines, Kenya and India, and increased the amount of loans issued in the first half of 2020 by 66% compared to the same period last year.

In September two new originators – Credit7 UK and Nado Deneg – have started offering loans with an interest of 10%.

In addition, they have launched the first part of a construction project of 900,000 euros, with a profitability of 9.5% and an LTV of 57%. Of the initial 30,000 euros, 16,000 euros have been financed since 18 September.

Peerberry is working to obtain the Broker License (IBF). To do this and as a preliminary step, they have stopped working with the following partners: AutoFinance, Creditstar, Kredit7 and Gofingo.

Great platform with few delays and all less than 15 days, as you can see in this current screenshot:

Viainvest (extended version)

September has not brought news to this platform, which continues to behave well,with hardly any delays and investing the interest generated quickly.

I have added 300 euros to my portfolio reinvested to a linear 12% and it remains one of the most experienced and secure platforms in the sector.

With them I have diversified my portfolio into 42 short-termloans, of which 2 suffer delays and with a fairly restrictive self-investment that works perfectly. They are essential to achieve financial freedom and a current return of 11.71%.

With almost 4.4 million financed in August, they are the tenth European platform for loans granted and, most importantly, they ALWAYS repay loans.

Robo.cash (extended version)

Great news this month, in which they advance their IPO in the Australian market in December with an amount of 36.5 million euros.

In August they positioned themselves as the eighth P2P platform by volume of loans acquired, with a total of 6.53 million euros.

One more month, I can say that I am still very happy with this platform, in which I have increased my portfolio by 2,000 euros taking advantage of the 1 September return to the usual 12% profitability.

To counter this decline, on September 29 they released this good news that increases the percentages of profitability from 5,000 euros invested and at the rate of the following table:

Currently I am at 12.41% profitability that you can see below, with delays of 898 euros over a total of 2,675 euros invested, but I have to defend that their Buyback functions as a clock and 30 days later pay the interest on time:

By the way, I hope that the €18 obtained this month in interest could fall short for the good figures in October.

They have opened up a secondary market that I have not yet tested for long-term projects. The project must be maintained for a minimum of six months and, in the event that it does not acquire a buyer, Robocash will assume the purchase. That’s great!!

In addition, they will continue to search for new originators offering projects in installments between 6 and 12 months,even more so now that they offer monthly payments in this type of projects, thus complementing the usual short-term ones.

Crowdestor (extended version)

I am relatively happythis month with this platform, because some projects completed in May and July have not yet been returned and interest in August and September remains unpaid. The total owed as of September 30 is 3,696 euros.

On September 21st they paid part of the project “Fertilizer Export Financing” and we are waiting for news. Crowdestor has waived its commission and distributed it proportionately to the amount invested. Good for them!

Payment for the remaining 3/4 parts of “The Catch Summer” ended July 8 is pending and the new payment schedule will be published in October.

In reference to the INCH2 project I expect a new update by Friday, October 2.

In addition, in August, the interest of the company Dizozols was not paid in the amount of 181 euros. We have been informed that payments will be resumed by the end of November.

In August they launched a project based on the acquisition of a new payment platform that will be integrated into Crowdestor’s platform. Well, this means that Crowdestor has changed its bank details. Keep that in mind if you want to invest in this platform.

They continue to innovate and before the end of the year they will launch their self-research and a secondary market,among many other features.

It continues to be the platform that offers the highest profitability over the rest:

They launch around 5-7 projects per week and the percentages of profitability have increased considerably: today there are ten active projects between 16% and 32%.

They can be very attractive projects, but my medium-term plan is to lower my exposure on this platform to distribute it with four others and I’ll follow it until I get a portfolio of around 18,000 euros.

If the payment forecast is met, in October I will receive 271 euros in interest, as can be seen in this chart that facilitates the platform. Isn’t it great to know the amount to be charged one month in advance?

On September 29 they announced a very special project: Dystopia: Rebel Empires! A strategy game for mobile platforms. If you are interested in investing, click here to register.

Lenndy (extended version)

In Lenndy I have increased 200 euros to increase the portfolio to the current 1,200 euros. They have published the annual accounts of his three originators – First finance, Simplefin and Daily Credit – and you can see them in English here.

This month they have been delayed on some payments, but I am not over-worried because they always meet and pay late interest at 60 days. I still find it a safe and compliant platform, but I recommend investing only in short-term personal projects and vehicle acquisition on this platform, never in companies.

This is my situation as of September 30th:

The current 1,200 euros invested are wide among 31 projects, which rent an average of 12.70% per year.

Bulkestate (extended version)

This platform goes free and works like a clock. Currently there are no projects to invest, which should be remedied, because no investor likes to have money fallow without any profitability.

They still have a loyal legion of followers and I have noticed that only projects that exceed 23 months, appear with monthly interest payments. In addition, since April they have increased the profitability of their projects by 13-16%.

In March I invested the remaining 300 euros in the Amalijas Street project, with an LTV of 49% and a return of 12% per year. It’s time to wait until March 2021 to receive the €36 interest.

Wisefund (extended version)

As of October 1, they have not paid the interest on March, July, August or September, which amounts to 99 euros and I fear the worst when the project expires on 13 October.

On June 25, they reported on the state of the project in which I have invested 1000 euros “Operating Cash for Dutch Flower Exporter” and make it known that, despite the delay of three months due to the pandemic, they will meet the payment schedule. You can see they haven’t complied.

I have sent you several emails and only report that you are requesting the amounts due through a specialized company. I asked them which one because I doubt their existence and why they haven’t updated their status since July 31, but I haven’t gotten an answer.

Swaper (extended version)

With €7 profitabilityin July, €1 in August and €2 in September, I will bear witnessially my portfolio on this platform, until the number of projects to be invested increases. In fact, below you can see a screenshot of the few projects available:

If you look, in both cases there are projects that have been sold in the secondary market, since one appears as “extended” and another “delayed”. There’s none new ones.

At the moment, I keep the average at 13.22% profitability. In October they will apply their Buyback and when they return them to me I will wonder if to reinvest them, lower my wallet or withdraw them. I always have the opportunity to sell them:

This platform has not just convinced me by its high fallow and its continuous delays.

In September they published their 2019 annual report, which you can read in English here. The results seem to be good, but in my opinion, very few new investors (532) have been obtained over an entire year.

The most curious thing about being offered the “Best Loan Platform 2020” award in September. In my personal opinion, they must improve their recruitment of new projects and investors.

During the pandemic, Wandoo Finance Group, to which Swaper belongs, has reduced its operating costs, expanded its line of credit and paused its marketing activities.

Bondster (extended version)

In September, I added another €5 profitability,half that of the previous two months. This translates to 14.39% in the 69 active projects, of which 27 suffer some delay, but it is not worrying, as it has a very efficient Buyback and still have time to regularize them.

They have incorporated a new originator – Lime Zaim – which, together with StikCredit offer a return of 17%, both with loans from three months. They have also welcomed Ibancar, a new Spanish supplier specializing in vehicles, with returns of around 12% and periods from 18 months.

On the other hand, from the platform we are advised to check the autoinvest, since 8 borrowers have disappeared from it and have added some new ones.

Here’s my updated dashboard:

Crowdestate (extended version)

This month they have launched 11 new projects, but I still do not invest in them,because I was ot satisfied with the decision to extend up to 94 months some projects that had an initial duration of 12 months. Good thing the project was called “Short-term working capital loan.”

In them I have invested 2,600 euros – Baltic Forest – and they have been restructured into a new payment schedule ordered by a judge to prevent their bankruptcy.

And the worst part is that for seven months we didn’t know anything and we haven’t charged the outstanding amount of July, August and September yet.

On 16 September they announced that they have a new timetable to propose to the court that it would be approved from 10 November.

Mismanagement by this platform.

Housers (extended version)

One more month, it is the fifth in a row that I do not receive a single euro of the 107,000 euros invested in its platform. On August 6, they sent a letter informing them that they had handed out almost 246,000 euros to investors in July. Or so they say, because nothing has come to me.

It’s been the sixth month since I invested with them in 2015 that happens to me.

It appears that they will start to pay back the interest of two projects and another one could be incorporated if the votes at the shareholders’ meeting dictate it that way – until I see it in my account I will not believe it –, the project to be sold in June has been dismissed and Housers understands that they no longer need to have their telephone customer service,even though in my opinion what they need is to reinforce it.

This month there have been several new features:

Sagasta: after many attempts to get back to me, I have finally succeeded in informing myself that the sale project has been rejected. I guess the deposit are in society’s account. If the sale was completed, the losses to be assumed were between 25% and 28%, as published on the Housers website.

Torres de Paterna and Albufera III: a schedule of payments from September 30 to 12 monthly payments were approved at shareholder meetings. Both have the same promoter. This same proposal has been made before and they breached the contract. Will it happen again? Between the two projects I have invested 70,000 euros.

Odiel Marshes:A shareholders’ meeting, which expired on 29 September, has been reconvened. We are waiting for the results of the vote, which offered a new payment schedule or transfer to a recovery company. The timetable underfided the payment of default interest between September and October 2020 and the final one-time payment of capital in December 2022. In this project I have invested 10,000 euros and, as with the Torres de Paterna and Albufera III projects, they have already failed to make their first payment commitment.

If you want to know more about the other five Housers projects I’ve invested in, be sure to visit the Crowdlending tab or click here.

Given their bad practices and the desperation of many investors, an association has been created to confront them in court, together with a specialized law firm: https://www.afectadoshousers.com/

Needless to say, I haven’t recommended investing in this platform in years. Let’s hope they catch up with what’s coming.

Grupeer – possible scam (extended version)

On 7 September they sent a letter clarifying a previous statement to record that they will continue with the actions to recover the money invested in their platform.

And on 14 September they published on their blog that, following the recommendations of their legal advisor, they would leave the actions with the Financial and Capital Market Commission in their hands. Thus, they should refrain from commenting on licensing.

So we don’t know when we’ll get news about it. Meanwhile, as early as July Grupeer contracted the services of Recollecta,a professional law firm that will be responsible for collecting the unpaid amounts.

For its part, Grupeer has initiated legal proceedings against several originators – Primo Invest, Finsputnik, Lime and Right Choice Finance. We’ll see if they move in this direction.

The project in which I have invested 1113 euros ended in mid-May, but the originator is one of the denounced ones, so I doubt to get encouraging news on his part until the end of the year, at the latest. I hope they won’t disappear on those dates…

Finally, the Armada group has been created to take legal action against Grupeer, from which you can learn more in English here.

Monethera – consummate scam (extended version)

Waiting to know the status of the last bank account used by Monethera and present it along with the rest of the accounts to the trustee, the existing money will begin to be requested in each of them.

For more information on this in the Telegram group created for this purpose and in English, follow this link.

Envestio – consummate scam (extended version)

Various arrangements are being made with the banks that Envestio used in its transactions and with companies to which they are supposed to lend our money.

This way you will know which companies are real and fictitious and who is behind each one.

Kuetzal – consummate scam (extended version)

As with Envestio, various arrangements are being made with the banks that Envestio used in its transactions and with companies to which our money is supposed to be lent. But there are several banks that have not provided such information voluntarily and will have to apply through legal channels.

Much of the responsibility seems to lie with Alberts Cevers in association with various individuals and companies.

I’ll keep you posted.


MINTOS: 0.5% of your investment from 500 euros during the first 30 days

PEERBERRY: 0.5% of your investment during the first 30 days

VIAINVEST: 15€ bonus with a minimum investment of 50 euros

CROWDESTOR: 1% of your investment during the first 90 days

BONDSTER: 1% of your investment during the first 90 days

LENNDY: 10€ bonus with a minimum investment of 100 euros

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