That’s right, a good month of June. And if the forecast holds true, July will be even better. Much better.

But of course, as always, it is up to Housers and its irregular payment schedule to make it happen.

Below I show how the €844 earned this month has been distributed:

Best platforms

In June Crowdestor provided me with €131 in interest and made two partial repayments from Forestlands Investments, which will be paid in full in July.

I continue to take the opportunity to balance the portfolios, reducing Crowdestor, where I still have €18,600 and increasing in Peerberry and Robocash, above all.

It appears that the legal proceedings on the Fertilizer Export Financing project are continuing and there could be interesting developments in October.

Here is a summary of the status of the projects from their website:

412 funded; 119 repaid; 99 current; 161 overdue; 33 in recovery; Capital lost: 0€

They currently have 7 active projects with an annual return between 22%-34%.

Peerberry has behaved as well as ever and has given me €43 in interest. In June I increased my portfolio by another €1,000 and now have €2,500 invested.

Far from reaching the magic €10K figure that will allow me to earn an additional +0.5% interest, I aim to reach it by December this year.

In June I took the opportunity to invest €350 in two real estate projects for 9 months at 11.5% p.a. and a trial €20 in a “long-term” project for three years at 12% p.a. with monthly payments.

Curious graph: 23% of its investors hold a portfolio between €10K and €25K, followed by 21% of the lucky ones who have more than €100K invested:

In addition, Germany is the country with the most investors (27%), followed by Spain (11%) and the Netherlands (6%). It is clear that it is a platform that builds trust.

In June they changed the look and feel of their website and app, which are now lighter and more intuitive.

They have also presented the good 2020 results of some of their partners: SOS Credit CZ, Credit7 UK, Nado Deneg UK, Gofingo UA, Slon Credit UA, AutoMoney UA, etc.

Here they add 0.5% of your investment if it exceeds €500 during the first 30 days:

I am still delighted with Robocash, which has brought me €96 in interest this month, although July looks even better as several projects are coming to an end.

In June I increased the portfolio by another €700 and I am now close to €6,000 invested. In November I expect to reach €10,000 to qualify for “silver status” which offers an additional +0.5% interest.

Given its consistency and the security it gives me, I invested €500 in a single project for 10 months at 12.3% per annum.

In June they unveiled their new microcredit originator Zaimer and we learned that they are hiring nuclear physicists to optimise their successful algorithms.

They continue to break records with €10.6 million per month funded, +1,000 new investors and €185K paid in interest.

Here they add 1% of your investment if it exceeds €500 in the first month:

Viainvest has paid €35 in June and I have increased my portfolio by €350 to invest it in some long-term projects at 14% interest instead of the usual 12%.

In addition, on 29 June, they announced a new partnership with Atlan Advance Management to manage bridge loans through the financing of mortgage-backed real estate loans in Spain.

This new typology of projects will avoid the occasional lack of offers that they sometimes suffer.

In this banner you get €15 just by investing more than €50. Why are you waiting? With only 50€!

In June, Lendermarket provided me with €6, where I have 20 projects, 3 of which are behind schedule, although I have already seen that their Buyback is working perfectly.

They have just turned two years old and have announced that their annual accounts will be audited by KPMG. Big time!

They already have 2,600 investors who hold an average portfolio of €5,000 and have accumulated a volume of €106 million in funding.

The promotional campaign for new investors at 2% has ended, but the 1% promotion is still active:

Nibble has returned €3 in June and in July I will reinvest the interest of the last three months, setting in motion a snowball of profitability.

In testing since mid-April, expectations on this platform are high and so far it is performing perfectly.

It has a very simple usability and I like its evaluation system based on three pillars: probability of delay, probability of fraud and degree of loyalty.

Be sure to take a look here for some introductory information I have prepared on their platform.

In mid-May I invested €300 in Esketit to try it out and, although it is too early to draw any conclusions, I can tell you how well it performs.

With thirteen investments made, two of them in business and eleven in short-term loans, I already have a proven return of 14.03%.

Interesting also because it is based in Ireland, thus avoiding the concentration of Baltic platforms, it has reached €3M in funded loans.

In July I will publish a more detailed publication with more statistics, results and general impressions.

Bondster has rented €4 in June and comes with good news. Originator Kviku has achieved €1.6 million in profit and Bondster has added two new ones: NordCard and SmartAdvance South Africa.

From 1 July they will have a secondary market with a 0.5% commission to the seller, with no fee for the buyer.

This tool will increase liquidity, although I don’t think I will use it because my projects are short term and its Buyback works perfectly.

In addition, until 31 August, they are offering 1% of the investment to each new affiliate and an additional €5 bonus:

Platform with some shadows

Iuvo is not convincing me and has generated €1 again this month, despite investing in roubles with Kviku at almost 20%.

I have already seen that they have an inconvenient currency exchange rate, so I will give them until the end of July, when they will be 5 years old.

It is a very secure and highly rated platform, but its profitability is below my expectations.

In relation to its partners, Adwisers and NordCard have presented their audited annual accounts, while Ibancar has completed two years in Iuvo.

The new originator Access Finance with a 9% yield, risk category A and 30% skin-in-the-game has been launched.

Shunning these platforms

This month Housers has fulfilled the first payment of €517 committed for the Albufera III project. I expect that in July the payment of Torres de Paterna, both from the denounced developer Construbecker, will be added.

The court has admitted the complaint for a fraud offence and several parties involved on both sides, Housers and Construbecker, have been summoned to testify.

The total amount is €6.3 million for the projects Avenida del Puerto, Cardenal Benlloch, Albufera I, II and III, Tarragona, Torres de Paterna I and II, Eliana and Llanes.

Another court has ordered an investigation into the complaint filed against ByNok and Álvaro Luna, chairman of the board of directors of Housers, has already testified.

Things are not going well for them, that’s for sure. Based on last month’s data, we see here that investors are taking out more capital than they invest:

Another novelty is the inclusion of Bitcoin as a payment method in Housers through Cryptan.

My advice: don’t invest in Housers even with Monopoly tickets.

In Mintos I have reduced my portfolio by €114 and gained €5 in interest, thanks to the return of Akulaku. It is now up to Finko AM to follow suit, although they have already announced that they will return a maximum of 70% of the amount owed. I still do not advise investing in Mintos.

Already close to being licensed as brokers, they have introduced three categories of investors: retail, professional and eligible counterparties.

They have published their 2020 annual accounts audited by KPMG, which are less satisfactory than those for 2019.

In Lenndy they returned €13 in June, but I still have a long way to go until March 2024 to get rid of my entire portfolio. Last month I put the two assets up for sale at a 21% discount, but no one has been interested in them.

I am still very unhappy with Bulkestate. This month they came up with the idea of launching a project with the same return as usual (12%), for a term of 18 months, but with a minimum investment of €25,000.

And why invest in this project when there are others in which I can diversify and invest €50 at the same or a higher return and for a shorter term, even with monthly payments? Absurd.

Crowdestate still has no news on the Baltic Forest project, for which they owe me €284 and counting. It seems that the bankruptcy committee is taking it easy.

This month they have published 7 projects (none since 10/06) and we are still waiting for the publication of their annual accounts.

In the loss section, more than €2.5 million is irrecoverable and €7.1 million is in the hands of the courts.

Platforms denounced

Grupeer is not getting off the ground. This month it has been confirmed that the Latvian National Police has launched a criminal investigation and the person responsible is Commissioner Ervins Ambrozis, who can be contacted by those affected by this email: ervins.ambrozis@vp.gov.lv

It is also possible to join the Armada Group through their website. They have not published any posts on their blog since 31 March.

The curious thing is that on 16 June they presented the accounting books for the last three years (2018-2020) of one of the group’s companies, in which its administrator is Mr. Kisiks Andrejs.

Wisefund has defended its position and the judge has not yielded to the creditors’ meeting. In any case, the Spanish Judicial Police have informed me that they have found evidence of pyramid activity.

There is little time left to bring in the full cavalry against Monethera and there is evidence of cross financial movements with Envestio. In late summer there could be pleasant surprises.

Yesterday, 30 June, the defence of the claims against Envestio took place, but there is no public information about it. There will be further developments at the end of July.

The hearing against Kuetzal was held on the same day. It appears that the network is being extended to Colombia and one of its financial institutions. In Russia, a lawsuit has already been filed in the relevant courts.

RECOMMENDED PLATFORMS OFFERING WELCOME BONUSES (no Mintos, no Bulkestate, no Housers, no Crowdestate, etc.)

VIAINVEST: 15€ bonus with a minimum investment of 50€

CROWDESTOR: 1% of your investment during the first 90 days

PEERBERRY: 0.5% of your investment for the first 30 days starting from 500€.

ROBO.CASH: 1% of your investment for the first 30 days from 500€.

LENDERMARKET:1% of your investment with a maximum of 3.000€.

contained optimism

It has been a month of restrained optimism, because both Crowdestor and Housers could have given me good news.

They have been fulfilled with Crowdestor and with Housers I am waiting for the first interest payment approved at the Shareholders’ Meeting, because I do not trust them.

Here are my results for the month, with €388 in interest earned:

Peerberry has brought great news, all of it welcome: I have been paid €38 in interest, the Taikos real estate project has been repaid at 14.4%, the originator Credit Plus UA has presented the audit with its excellent 2020 results and the Polish companies of the Aventus Group raised €2.55 million. of net profit last year.

Viainvest appears to have subscribed to the €7 monthly return, financing €4 million this month and resolving some periods without new projects. 

This month Robocash has returned “only” €44 as I have started investing in projects between 90-180 days because I have enormous confidence in them.

I have nothing but good things to say about them and they are becoming giants. They will soon launch $5 million in bonds in Singapore to launch their online bank in Southeast Asia, no less. 

In May Crowdestor woke up and made a partial repayment of the Forestland Investments project, for which they also made a special payment.

In addition, he has paid interest on four more projects and has given me €284 in interest.

I have sold the Mafia Stars project and keep 14 projects, half of which I have put up for sale at the same price as they were acquired.

Bondster has announced that it will launch its secondary market in July. In the meantime, they have given me another €4 in May and are continuing their usual line of work, paying on time.

Lendermarket continues to delight me, even though this month it has only yielded me €5. It is very regular in its payments and this month has exceeded €100 million financed.

With regard to Iuvo, it continues to evolve slowly but surely.

I have noticed that they do a currency exchange rate that is not very advantageous for the buyer, so in June I will look into rouble investments, which yield almost 20% per annum.

Mintos has let me down for another month, paying €0 of the €960 in recovery. In December 2021 I am supposed to get the €89 from Akulaku back, but Finko continues his zero payout line. 

This month its originators have published their annual results, Mintos has reached 400,000 registered users, originators Acema and Swiss Capital have stopped working with them and E-cash has been suspended with an outstanding debt of €407,000.

Bulkestate still has no news on the Amalijas Street project, which has been extended from 12 months to 24 months. Let’s hope it will be sooner, because they have already launched the 4th financing of this project. 

Crowdestate already owes me €211 in arrears from the Baltic Forest project and this month announced that 76 claims totalling almost €34 million are under review by the Bankruptcy Committee.  

In May, 8 new projects were launched and 2 entered the list of defaulters, making a total of 31 projects with a total of more than €8.5 million that are not known to be recovered.

In April I invested €300 in the Nibble platform after studying it for several months and I am VERY happy with them, as it has brought me a 14.5% return, they are transparent and have an excellent support service.

Below is a sample and here I show you more details:

In May I also invested another 300€ in the new Esketit platform and as it is very new, although I have been looking for it for some time, I will give you just a sample.

I will give you more details in June:

In Lenndy they have published the payment schedule for the projects with Buyback defaulted and will end in March 2024.

So I have taken the decision to put my two assets up for sale at a 21% discount on the purchase price.  

And what can I say about Housers? Well, they have behaved as usual: ZERO interest payments on the more than €100,000 invested.

On 31 May, the interest in the Albufera III project should have been transferred from the accused developer Construbecker to Housers. Will they arrive?

In May something fantastic happened and that is that the investors have taken control of the Via Augusta project, leaving aside the terrible management of the administrator and Housers. Well done, fellow sufferers!

And in June, the long-awaited class action lawsuit will be filed against Housers and all those involved in the scheme.

There are a total of 60 projects and you can participate as claimants and some even include loans already repaid, since the origin of the operations is illegal.

I am running against two: Ríos Rosas and Iriarte. All loan operations, except “Secundino Hernandez”, have in common the use of investors’ money for the purchase, refurbishment and sale of a real estate asset within 12 months (short-term investment transactions), or the purchase of the asset for rental and subsequent resale in the long term (savings operations).

If you want to participate in the class action, you can write to me at info@libertad-financiera.eu

Problematic platforms

The ones we prefer not to talk about are the ones we have learned the most about. Let’s go to them:

Grupeer has still not given any sign of life. The Armada Group has activated this page to join the lawsuit against them. 

The law firm Ellex Klavins is still trying to get Grupeer to file for bankruptcy, but it has not happened yet.

From Wisefund there are many new developments, but the main one is that the judicial police in each country are calling all those affected in Europe to corroborate and declare to the authorities their status as investors. Among them, myself.

This has happened because Magnusson’s law firm has filed a civil rather than a criminal lawsuit and Wisefund has avoided bankruptcy.

This is apparently Wisefund’s third victory in court. We will see what happens in this decisive month of June.

The case against Monethera is yielding results and data is being compiled to resume legal proceedings.

On the other hand, evidence has been received showing the connection between the Envestio, Kuetzal and Monethera frauds. Surprised?

In reference to Kuetzal, pressure is being put on the alleged perpetrators Victoria Gortsak and Alberts Cevers and they have taken a defensive position.

The case extends to Hungary, Bulgaria and Russia, where significant progress is being made.

The Envestio case appears to be well advanced and an auditor has even been hired to carry out a thorough analysis of the current situation.

I cannot give more details, but I am very optimistic despite the difficulty and the time it will take me to recover the first euro.

RECOMMENDABLE PLATFORMS THAT OFFER A WELCOME BONUS            (no Housers, no Mintos, no Crowdestate, etc.)       

PEERBERRY: 0.5% of your investment for the first 30 days starting from 500€.

ROBO.CASH: 1% of your investment for the first 30 days from 500€.

VIAINVEST: 15€ bonus with a minimum investment of 50€

CROWDESTOR: 1% of your investment during the first 90 days

LENDERMARKET: 2% of your investment until June 30

One step forward and half a step back

My portfolio update: April 2021

This sentence defines the month of April: one step forward and half a step back, because the €258 return is somewhat disappointing.

And the disappointments are Housers, which is usual with a few exceptions, and Crowdestor, which in April brought in a measly 14 euros.

Fortunately Peerberry, Robocash and Lendermarket continue to do their job perfectly and give me nothing but joy.

This month I can’t blog much more due to time constraints, but here’s a summary of the main news from each platform:

Mintos continues to show its appalling management in the recovery of overdue loans, which this month accounted for €1.32 of the €960 outstanding.

Hopefully, the end of moratoriums in several countries will help to accelerate this process.

This month the Mexican originator Swell (up to 11% interest, 36 month periods, skin in the game of 10% and Buyback) has joined.

Mikro Kapitalhas also expanded its portfolio to Uzbekistan (up to 11% annual return, 23 months duration, skin in the game of 10% and Buyback), while E-Cash has been suspended.

DelfinGroup plans its IPO on the Latvian stock exchange in 2021 and maintains €13 million financed in Mintos.

Mintos has published a 44% growth in financed volume in the last 6 months compared to the previous 6 months.

Peerberry continues to outperform and has published its excellent first quarter results (€102 million portfolio vs. €60 million in 2020, €31 million over €23 million in 2020, doubled the number of employees in one year, etc.).

In addition, this month I set an all-time record with them by generating €81 in interest.

It plans to expand its market to Kenya, India and Romania, to expand its development in the real estate sector and in factoring.

This month they have improved their mobile app for Android, while it will take a few more weeks for iOS.

Viainvest has expanded into the Philippines under the banner of Vamo Lending Inc. with a 12% return, no Buyback and the possibility of early exit at one, three or six months’ notice.

On the other hand, they are going to stop issuing new projects in Spain under the VIA SMS Group brand.

They continue to suffer from a lack of projects on occasion, although they have recovered from their worst initial months this year.

With regard to Robocash, I can only confirm that I am still very satisfied with the €57 generated.

They have beaten their own forecasts and published their audited annual accounts by FBK Grant Thornton, which corroborate their excellent results: USD 24 million net profit and a 58% increase in the value of the group compared to the previous year.

As previously announced, Tez Finance has been replaced by LLP MFO Robocash.kz

The first big disappointment of the month arrives: Crowdestor has contributed €14 with 75% of its projects in arrears, few or late explanations and future promises of payment.

Below is a picture of my dashboard.

In April they have launched 7 new projects with a total volume of €835,000 and 530 new investors have registered. In March there were 12 projects, €1.6 million and 620 new users. Change of cycle?

They have published the results of the questionnaire which shows that 44% of investors are satisfied with the platform and that the greatest dissatisfaction comes from delays in payments.

Finally, in April they have changed their FAQ section and the secondary market is very active with new unforeseen delays.

Lenndy has refunded virtually none of the Buyback management monies and has re-announced that they will no longer issue projects under this guarantee.

As a result, its secondary market is buzzing with projects for sale and few purchases.

As I said last month, I am very unhappy with Bulkestate. The project in which I had invested for 12 months and which ended in March, will be delayed for another year.

Needless to say,I do not recommend investing in this platform until they catch up with payments on the many projects in arrears.

Bondster has brought some news in April: originator Stikcredit has published its 47% increase in sales in 2020.

On the other hand, the Bulgarian originator ITF has increased its interest rate from 10 to 11.5%.

I am pleased to learn about the situation of the originators in the process of restructuring thanks to the informative emails that they send openly, without any hint of secrecy.

The great joy of the month, along with Peerberry, was provided by Lendermarket, which contributed €84 in profitability between interest and bonus.

The first quarter results of its parent group – Creditstar Group – have been published, with a net profit of €1.7 million.

They have set aside €1.5 million for possible defaults on Covid, have launched the company Monefit in Finland and will launch new bonds worth €8 million in June.

Iuvo continues to go from strength to strength and this is the fourth month that I have made €1 profit.

The originator in which I invest in roubles, Kviku, has published its excellent audited results for last year (+40% gross profit).

iCredit Romania has also generated €1.36 million in gross profit in 2020 and already has 1,400 employees in 103 offices.

It is also a joy to know that they have started the process to become a regulated company under strict European guidelines in the P2P market.

Crowdestate has not provided any profitability for more than a year and they have not provided any news in the bankruptcy process of the company where I have invested €2,600.

They maintain €11.8 million owed for delays and €1.9 million irrecoverable from four projects.

The usual disappointment called Housers has avoided paying out this month on any of the nine active projects.

For the time being, the new class action lawsuit that was to be filed against Housers for 33 projects has been delayed because the lawsuit will be extended to more than 60 projects. I will report to you shortly on its implementation.

But the collective criminal complaint for alleged fraud and embezzlement against Housers and ByNok has already been admitted for processing, and the founders of the company are due to testify on 27 May.

Any investor in the ByNok projects (Boladilla Village and Hills, ByNok, Mediterranean Hills and Bond Hills) can join the lawsuit by contacting the lawyer Manuel C. Merino: manuelm.ab@gmail.com

Housers published on 8 April that it has closed a capital increase round of half a million euros and intends to raise a further 4 million euros next summer.

In addition, founding partner Antonio Brusola has agreed to leave Housers after 3 years of conflict.

There are still two very active groups to keep up to date: https://t.me/housers_foro and https://t.me/housersCom

We have not received anything this month either from the defendants Grupeer and Wisefund.

Neither has issued any statement and there is no news about them.

In reference to Envestio, a possible agreement with the debtor Spade has been extended this month.

New material has emerged implicating Cevers for misappropriation in the Kuetzal case.

Sensitive information has also been requested from a major bank to trace the origin of several transfers.

In addition, a bankruptcy petition has been filed in Central Europe, and there could be developments in the Russian bankruptcy office next month.

Finally, there have been a number of developments against Monethera and some of its debtor companies.

In addition, a criminal complaint has been filed against a former manager of the company for misappropriation.

Here’s the current status of my investments:

You already know that you can see the screenshot of each platform, the profitability tables, latest news and the summary of each one in each “Crowdlending” tab or here. 


Record-breaking month

My portfolio update: March 2021

Yes, a month of records. March surpassed the highest return achieved in December 2019 with a magical sum: €2,297.

And, incredible as it may seem, this month Housers has returned €2,055 of four months of delays in the Albufera III project. That said, we may not see a euro for months, which is the usual scenario.

I don’t know if it has anything to do with the complaint that I ratified this month before the Madrid Courts against Housers and the Albufera III developer, but it seems a pleasant coincidence.

March has brought a lot of news about Housers, which you can read below.

In reference to Peerberry, this month it has continued to give me joy, as it has brought me €69 between interest and bonus, a new profitability record on this platform.

In addition, this month they have launched their mobile app, closed their first real estate project, and continue to increase their financed volume, number of investors, etc. every month.

Robo.cash has been another tremendous success, because I have reached the bronze category (over €5,000 invested) which entitles me to an additional 0.3% interest, earning me €61.

They have several new developments: this year they will open a market in Sri Lanka and are creating a digital bank. The 2020 audit will be presented around May-June.

Crowdestor has disappointed me this month because of continued delays and non-payments and professional miscommunication, despite having received €90 in interest.

In March they reached €50 million in funding, Artur Geisari (head of SME) has left the company and they have launched Crowdestor Club for those with investments over €75,000.

They have just announced a new procedure for the collection of every overdue or unpaid project. You can see it here.

I also give a positive to Bondster, which this month has paid €10 in interest, introduced its new CEO (Pavel Klema), has new originator (Autofino) and received excellent feedback from P2Pinvesting.it and Capital Insider.

Viainvest continues to hold its own and has suffered less fallow this month, paying €8 in interest.

Iuvo has also complied and since this month I am “testing” rouble investments with an interest rate above 19%. All projects are up to date and are made in the well-known originator Kviku.

Lendermarket continues to run its course and with the expected profitability, without surprises.

On the other side of the coin is Lenndy, which this month invented a way to make the backlog of projects disappear by moving them into one portfolio for First Finance projects and another for Giantus projects.

I was also disappointed by Bulkestate, from which I expected the return of the project invested a year ago and which will be delayed for a few months. We were not informed until the expiry date. Painful communication.

Mintos, which has refunded me 10€ of the overdue amount, was not to be missed. A lot of marketing and inefficient collection management, with €961 (all my capital) in the process of recovery. Another one I don’t recommend.

Crowdestate has still not contributed a single euro for more than a year. There have also been no developments in the bankruptcy proceedings of the company in which I have invested my capital.

They remain €11.8 million in arrears and €1.9 million unrecoverable from four projects.

This month we have also received nothing from the reported fraudsters Grupeer and Wisefund, whose news I publish below, along with the confirmed fraudsters Envestio, Kuetzal and Monethera.

Here’s the current status of my investments:

This month ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority) has introduced a technical consultation affecting Crowdfunding service providers for investor protection based on the ECSPR (European Crowdfunding Service Providers Regulation).

They should get a response before the end of May, so the long-awaited regulation that will mark the potential future of Crowdfunding is coming.

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Month of overcoming

european crowdlending investments

My portfolio update: February 2021

Yes, a month of overcoming. February has outperformed January: €402 profitability with €28,600 invested in European platforms, because the only Spanish platform – Housers – has failed to meet its payment commitment for the fourth consecutive month.

In January I reported Housers and the developer Construbecker to the Madrid courts and on 10 March I have to ratify the complaint.

Here are the details of the current state of investments:

Mintos has returned €10 this month out of the €971 in the process of recovery and I no longer have anything invested. They have incorporated more information on historical performance, among other new features.  

Peerberry continues to deliver excellent news and generate enormous confidence. They have published a new Real Estate project in Vilnius at 10%. They continue to have no defaults since their inception in 2017.  

Viainvest is still suffering from the lack of publication of projects since December, so I have withdrawn €68, but they are keeping their payment commitments. 

I continue to be very happy with Robo.cash and the 44€ generated will be increased in March since I will reach 5,000€ invested, which carries a 0.3% more profitability. 

Crowdestor has performed better in February, generated €315 in interest and met almost all of its commitments, although others are experiencing delays and communication is not going smoothly.

In Lenndy I have withdrawn €179 in February, the projects are all still behind schedule and I will continue to withdraw until they resolve the current lack of confidence. First Finance is still suspended. 

From 2 February, they have a secondary market to sell those projects that do not convince you. Maybe all of them?

Bondster has returned €10 in February, but I continue to withdraw slowly and intend to keep a small portfolio of €300 until they stabilise.

Although they suffer many delays, they apply their 60-day Buyback on time.

Lendermarket gave me a pleasant surprise in February with an extra €3 in bonuses, which added to the €3 interest, makes it the third most profitable platform. 

In contrast, Iuvo has only offered a meagre euro of interest, also due to the fact that almost all projects are behind schedule. But I’m not worried, because they’re applying their Buyback on time. 

Nothing has been heard from Wisefund after funding two projects in January, apart from the class action lawsuitfiled against them. If you want to sue, below I give you the details of when and how to do it. 

There have been no new developments in Bulkestate, but in March my project ends and I will take the opportunity to reinvest part of the capital also in its competitors: Evoestate and Estateguru.

In February Crowdestate published 8 new projects, but they still don’t show me confidence. Currently, they have €11.8 million owed for delays and 1.9 unrecoverable for four projects. 

With reference to my three projects, I hope that a buyer will acquire Baltic Forest’sassets, because the bankruptcy process is very slow. 

Grupeer is fighting against everyone to defend his lousy management: investors, plaintiff law firm (Ellex Klavins) and originators.

Nobody knows what Grupeer’s next move is, but for the time being everything seems to be settled in the Latvian courts.

More information on the class action and how to join the waiting list is available below. 

For the fourth consecutive month, Housers has once again failed to meet its payment commitment on several projects and others have not been paid for years. 

In March I have to ratify in court the complaint against them and Construbecker for the €70,000 of capital owed plus interest on two projects. 

In legal terms, Housers continues to accumulate problems:

  • the lawsuit against the developer of the Santa Eulalia project has been ratified
  • Court response awaited in the lawsuit against Antonio Brusola for unfair administration
  • notice of civil lawsuit against Housers remains pending
  • filed criminal complaint for qualified scam against ByNok for five projects

The gains against Envestio, Kuetzal and Monethera have been significant, as you can see below. 

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Updating my portfolio: September 2020

Month of high hope

Month of high hope, yes. Although they have only been half-fulfilled,because I expected many charges from Crowdestor and half of them have been made. The ones that did not materialize in September are 91€ of the Saapio project and 459 euros of the Inch2 project.  

If the deadlines had been met, the amount of profitability this month would have been 1,003 euros, but due to these delays, the actual total has been 448euros, which is not bad either. 

Since August, another 186 euros derived from the Forestland Investments and Kabuki projects have been pending payment.

Finally, from May and July respectively, the projects already completed Fertilizer Export and The Catch, with amounts of 1,494 euros and 1,466 euros, are pending.

In Mintos I have returned 13% of the portfolio in September and will continue to lower my exposure with them because I have 882 euros of 1027 euros in recovery and only 141 euros producing some profitability. They have several new features that you can see below. 

Peerberryhas barely made a profitability this month because most projects will be completed in October. I have increased my portfolio by 200 euros and continue to work firmly, even increasing the profitability of some projects.

At Viainvest I have increased 300€ my portfolio in projects to 12% and will remain one of my platforms to consider in the coming months.

On August 31st I increased 2,000 euros in Robo.cash,taking advantage of the promotion to 14% that is not in force today.

Lenndy also received 200 euros to increase the portfolio to the current 1,200 euros and has contributed me 17 euros in interest. 

I am still very satisfied with Bondster,although this month I have half the projects with delays,but they always apply their Buyback that works perfectly. 

From all other platforms – Bulkestate, Swaper, Wisefund, Crowdestate y and Grupeer – you can see below all the details, which are not few. I also update the latest advances in the processes against Monethera, Kuetzal and Envestio. 

And to finish, unlike in my previous publications, I will tell you what’s new in Housers:

Fifth consecutive month without paying me any interest or repayment. It appears that they will start to pay back the interest of two projects and another one could be incorporated if the votes at the shareholders’ meeting dictate it that way – until I see it on my account I won’t believe it –the project to be sold in June has been dismissed and Housers has decided that you no longer need to have your customer service as easy as that. 

Two months ago they announced to all the media that they were moving to super-offices. Well, just out of curiosity I stopped by to see them and it is a co-working space. Will there be any truth to what they say?

As of September 29, I’ve paralyzed Robo.cash, Lenndy and Bondster’s Autoinvest to take care of a family member’s mortgage with the money they report to me.

Here I show you the monthly profitability chart obtained in September:

And here’s what’s new in the detail of each platform:

Mintos (extended version)

It remains P2P’s number one platform, with 92 million euros invested, followed by Peerberry with 14 million.

But I’m not exactly happy with Mintos. The 882 euros that are in arrears could be charged in a period of 10 months, according to the information extracted from the different originators.

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