Updating my portfolio: September 2020

Month of high hope

Month of high hope, yes. Although they have only been half-fulfilled,because I expected many charges from Crowdestor and half of them have been made. The ones that did not materialize in September are 91€ of the Saapio project and 459 euros of the Inch2 project.  

If the deadlines had been met, the amount of profitability this month would have been 1,003 euros, but due to these delays, the actual total has been 448euros, which is not bad either. 

Since August, another 186 euros derived from the Forestland Investments and Kabuki projects have been pending payment.

Finally, from May and July respectively, the projects already completed Fertilizer Export and The Catch, with amounts of 1,494 euros and 1,466 euros, are pending.

In Mintos I have returned 13% of the portfolio in September and will continue to lower my exposure with them because I have 882 euros of 1027 euros in recovery and only 141 euros producing some profitability. They have several new features that you can see below. 

Peerberryhas barely made a profitability this month because most projects will be completed in October. I have increased my portfolio by 200 euros and continue to work firmly, even increasing the profitability of some projects.

At Viainvest I have increased 300€ my portfolio in projects to 12% and will remain one of my platforms to consider in the coming months.

On August 31st I increased 2,000 euros in Robo.cash,taking advantage of the promotion to 14% that is not in force today.

Lenndy also received 200 euros to increase the portfolio to the current 1,200 euros and has contributed me 17 euros in interest. 

I am still very satisfied with Bondster,although this month I have half the projects with delays,but they always apply their Buyback that works perfectly. 

From all other platforms – Bulkestate, Swaper, Wisefund, Crowdestate y and Grupeer – you can see below all the details, which are not few. I also update the latest advances in the processes against Monethera, Kuetzal and Envestio. 

And to finish, unlike in my previous publications, I will tell you what’s new in Housers:

Fifth consecutive month without paying me any interest or repayment. It appears that they will start to pay back the interest of two projects and another one could be incorporated if the votes at the shareholders’ meeting dictate it that way – until I see it on my account I won’t believe it –the project to be sold in June has been dismissed and Housers has decided that you no longer need to have your customer service as easy as that. 

Two months ago they announced to all the media that they were moving to super-offices. Well, just out of curiosity I stopped by to see them and it is a co-working space. Will there be any truth to what they say?

As of September 29, I’ve paralyzed Robo.cash, Lenndy and Bondster’s Autoinvest to take care of a family member’s mortgage with the money they report to me.

Here I show you the monthly profitability chart obtained in September:

And here’s what’s new in the detail of each platform:

Mintos (extended version)

It remains P2P’s number one platform, with 92 million euros invested, followed by Peerberry with 14 million.

But I’m not exactly happy with Mintos. The 882 euros that are in arrears could be charged in a period of 10 months, according to the information extracted from the different originators.

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My portfolio update: August 2020

Month of capital returns

August has been a month of low profitability but with significant capital returns from Crowdestor, although I still have two projects pending. I can be satisfied but it could have been improved.

This “new” normality is giving a lot of headaches to various originators because in their home countries the situation is not going back, such as Spain, Ukraine and Russia. Let us look at more details:

While in May the interest generated reached a mere 51 euros, in June it was 378 euros, in July it reached 595 euros and in August it was 155 euros. I already have an estimate for September, which is going to be spectacular, with returns of around 1150€!

This month, which is the fourth in a row, Housers has contributed zero euros, being a platform in which I have invested 107,000 euros. They continue to accumulate complaints, publications against them and associates affected by the bad management that their propaganda is unable to silence.

Mintos has only contributed two sad euros and increases the problems with some originators and their consequent delays. 

Grupeer has contracted the services of Recollecta, a professional legal and financial firm which will be responsible for collecting the unpaid amounts. You will find more details below.

Crowdestate has stopped paying its monthly interest. It seems that the owners of Baltic Forest want to propose a new schedule to the court administrator. Of course, I have banned them due to the proposed return dates, which have gone from an initial 12 months to 94 finally, which could be extended even further…

Crowdestor has made my month happy with the return of the IVECO project, but we are still waiting for the return of a project that ended on May 30th. Of the one that ended on July 8, a quarter has been returned and the rest will be paid for through new funding. 

Robocash has contributed 14 Euros this month and is the most secure platform available today. In addition, they have published their accounts audited by KPMG and they couldn’t be better.

Of the rest – Viainvest, Bulkestate, Wisefund, Swaper, Lenndy and Bondster – I refer to the detail below. 

Finally, it can be commented that there has been significant progress against the complaints filed against Kuetzal, Envestio and Monethera. The most precise information is at the end of this post. 

As a reminder, the pan-European collective financing regulation could be approved by the end of 2020, enter into force in the second half of 2021 and provide additional security for investments in P2P and P2B.

Below I show you the table of returns obtained in August:

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