Edited on 30/09/2021 / Total invested: 329€


On 13 July I wrote a full article about my first experiences of investing in Nibble. You can see it here




  • User-friendly platform with three investment options: Classic (9.7% return and Buyback), Balanced (12-15% with medium risk) and Special (17-19% with higher risk and maturity)
  • Automatic reversal perfect for beginners or those who want to be carefree
  • Professional support team
  • Platform in English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, German and Spanish
  • Vast experience of the IT Smart Finance group
  • I am missing some statistics related to originators, volume financed, number of investors, etc.
  • In mid-April I invested the 300€ and at the end of May this is the result: 10 completed projects with a return of 14.5% (12.82€), 4 active projects, 1 in arrears
  • They are crystal clear and ALL associated risks are detailed, with no small print

General features NIBBLE

Country of origin

Year founded



Secondary market

min-max investment

Return estimated

Investment periods

Support rating

Official supervision



Buyback in the Classic strategy


NO, but they resell the loans with a 3% fee

10€ – 10.000€, expandable on request

9.7% – 17.2%, depending on the strategy chosen

1-60 months, depending on the chosen strategy


NO, but they have an Estonian Financial Licence

NIBBLE latest news

30/07/2021The Joymoney Russia brand operating through Nibble is 7 years old
01/07/2021Nibble increases the yield of the Classic Strategy to 11.7% until August 31
17/05/2021The reputable website MarketScreener recommends passive investment in Nibble. See the full article here