Esketit, new platform with high profitability and security

It is not yet in its first year and I am already clapping my hands because I have invested in Esketit, a new platform with high profitability and double security.

It has made a strong entry into the market, having funded over €5.3 million and over 500 active investors.

I started investing in them on 14 May after studying them for several months and I am still delighted with my decision.

It is a P2P investment platform that offers loans from individuals in exchange for a return of 12-15% per annum.

Here is a screenshot of my control panel as of 19 August:

You can see that in three months I have earned €9.35 in interest, hardly suffer any delays and maintain an annual return of 14.33%.

In July they have contributed €3.63 and as of 19 August I have accumulated €3.02, so I will end the month above €4 with only €300 invested initially.

You can see the details and my Esketit statistics here, but here is a summary:

ESKETIT General Features

Country of originRegistered in Ireland, operates from Latvia
Year founded2020
GuaranteesDouble: the founders invest in each originator and the originators invest in each project. In addition, most of the projects have Buyback
Secondary marketYES
min-max investmentFrom 10€. No upper limit
Return estimated12-15% p.a.
Investment periods1 day-12 months
Support rating10 / 10
Official supervisionEach originator is licensed in its country of origin

Who is behind Esketit?

Matiss Ansviesulis and Davis Barons founded Creamfinance in 2012 and last year launched the Esketit platform.

Esketit works with 5 loan originators, all owned by Matiss and Davis or Creamfinance in Spain, Jordan, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Sri Lanka and Mexico.

Legal aspects and safety

Esketit is registered in Ireland, while operations are carried out from its headquarters in Riga, Latvia. This is common practice.

In relation to the security they offer, it is striking that being so new, it is one of the most reliable platforms.

  • Firstly, all short-term projects have Buyback, which means that the originator is obliged to repay the initial capital plus unpaid interest 60 days after completion.

I have had the opportunity to try it out and I can assure you that after 60 days I have been fully reimbursed for the project, plus the interest accrued during the delay.

Business projects do not offer Buyback, so it is preferable to invest in short-term projects, as they offer the same return.

  • Secondly, the owners hold a stake in all loan originators, so that Esketit invests a share in each project.

In the finance industry this practice is referred to as “skin in the game”.

And as a final safety measure, they have a secondary market, so that any project can be sold in advance of completion.

Moreover, in the event that nobody is interested in it and the sale is urgent, Esketit acquires it with a 1% discount.

Using the platform

It is an ideal platform for inexperienced investors because it is very intuitive and easy to use.

In addition, we can make use of autoinvest, which works autonomously so that we can forget about it.

Let me give you a real example on this platform: after finishing a project, I receive €20 of the initial capital and 14 cents of interest. On the same day they reinvest the €20.14 in a new project following the guidelines set out in the autoinvest.

Esketit Customer Service

In case of any questions or problems with the Esketit account, we can communicate in English with the customer service team, but if I can help you, I am always ready to:

Esketit’s business hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00, GMT +2.

I hope you will take the opportunity to invest in Esketit with a welcome gift of €10 if you invest a minimum of €100 during the first 30 days after registration:

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