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Discover Nibble,its simplicity of use and its medium-high proven profitability. Read.

What can I say about Nibble? I started investing in this platform in mid-April and three months later I have already received (and reinvested) the € 10.31 interest.

Here’s the summary of my current portfolio:

And what’s my experience with them?

Unbeatable. They have met the expected return (14.5%),I have not suffered any delay in the 7 active loans, it is a very simple use platform that has made it easier for me to reinvest the interest generated.

Here are more charts and details of my personal account.

Is Nibble safe?

Yes, it is. Although Nibble was launched in 2019, the platform is owned by IT Smart Finance Group,a strong financial group created in 2014 and headquartered in Barcelona and Moscow. At the end of 2021 they will open headquarters in Mexico.

Nibble offers micro-credits issued by Joymoney Spain and Joymoney Russia,analyzed based on three criteria: probability of delay, risk of fraud and degree of loyalty.

And what investment options does Nibble offer us?

It has three strategies. This is the Classic Strategy,which until August 31 offers 11.7% instead of 9.7%, WITHOUT any risk and with a minimum investment of € 10:

NOTE: Here is more information about the risk classification, from AA to C.

Below I show you the Balanced Strategy. In it I have invested since April € 300 and I have already reinvested € 10.31 in interest in just 3 months, which confirms its 14.5% return.

It carries more risks, but so far NONE of my projects are in arrears. The portfolio requires a minimum investment of € 100 and the minimum investment term is 7 months:

Finally, they have the Special Strategy,with a return of 17.2%,but I do not recommend investing in it at the moment because it does not compensate for the risk. In addition, the minimum amount and period are 500€ and 12 months, respectively.

Below I provide how the risks of each project are determined.

Nibble is currently in the process of obtaining the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) certificate.

They have also applied for a supervisory licence from the FSA (Financial Supervision Authority) of Estonia.

You can review their financial statements, audits and balance sheets at this link.

And how are the risks determined?

They are evaluated by a Risk Committee that meets at the end of each month, composed of the following professionals:

And what is its mission? There are three tasks to be developed:

  • Study and analyze the results of the work done regarding NPL 30-60-90-120 (delayed projects at 30 days, 60, 90, 120)
  • Compare the actual indicators with those programmed for the period
  • Analyze the scoring and profitability model (11.7%-14.5%-17.2%),make a forecast and calibrate it

And who helps me if I have doubts?

They have very good support through chat, telephone and e-mail in Spanish, English, German, Russian and Italian.

Would you like to invest in Nibble?

Clicking on this image will add 2% if you invest more than € 300, that is, an additional € 6:

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2 Replies to “Discover Nibble”

  1. I have been investing in Nibble Finance for a long period of time and I must say, I trust the platform completely. My money has consistently grown and I am very happy with the results.

    1. Good morning, Antonio. At the time, the Nibble platform seemed to me a good option, but during the time I invested in them, they changed the system of strategies that did not suit my interests and I withdrew the entire amount invested. But it is true that they never gave me problems and it is very easy to use. Best regards

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